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Woodward, who can generously be described as Mark DeRosa Lite, was a 54th round pick of the Blue Jays in 1994. He moved through the minors for some reason, and hit well in AAA in 2000-01, which apparently convinced the Jays that he worth having around as a utility infielder. In 2002, he hit .276/.330/.468 in 350 PA, including 13 of his 32 career homers. It was a fluke, and he’s had sub-.340 OBPs and sub-.400 SLGs ever since. The Mets kept him around for a couple of years, because they didn’t have anything better, and he wasn’t atrocious in 2005. Last year, he hit .216/.289/.311, and L’il Tony can certainly do that.

When Woodward got to play shortstop semi-regularly in 2002-04 with the Jays, he fielded pretty well — he wasn’t great but he was better than average. It remains to be seen if he can still play shortstop. 7 career SB, 6 career CS.

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  1. We need good defensive players so when we have the lead in the 7th inning, we can put them in and the game will be over. All we need now is a fill in at first

  2. Darin Erstad is a free agent and can be acquired at a very low cost, I think..

    Okay, so I’m still mad at Erstad for half-killing Estrada in 2005 too. Never mind.

    Carry on.

  3. Wryn, from #161 in the previous thread, the Yankees consider Cano untouchable. Rivera is probably more likely than Cano at this point.

  4. Looked up Lidgebridge (sp?) stats, he was a college player, basically nnegating the fact that he is 23. He’s had one year of minor league ball, and put up good sats. I wouldnt sour on him so quickly…..give him a chance to suck first…..

  5. I know I may be in the minority here, but I think Chris Woodward is due for a breakthrough season, like Darin Erstad in 2000. He just hasn’t had the chance to develop his tools fully. He has a good baseball face, his makeup is off the charts, and he’s a real contender. I think this guy could be a winner.

    Oh, wait, no, I don’t.

  6. Okay, so I was working late last night and missed the trade news until just now. I love it. LaRoche’s trade value was never going to be higher. Gonzalez is a stud and the SS looks like a stud. Don’t know who Romak is, and I hope that is a good sign. I would have liked a young bottom-of-the-rotation SP, but I’ll take it.

    So it looks like Thor at 1B, maybe some time there for Salty or McCann if Thor doesn’t perform well or even if he does. That also clears up LF a bit (assuming no more moves), since it will now more clearly be a Langy/Diaz platoon.

    The bullpen is in awesome shape, and there are a lot of decent pieces for possible trade fodder come mid-July.

    The only questions in my mind are: (1) will the starting rotation be basically healthy? and (2) will the infield defense manage league average? If the answers to these two questions are yes, then I really like our chances. We’d be better than the Mets, mostly because we can outpitch them. We’d be better than the Marlins and woeful Nats. The Phils look good to me, but I think they’ll take a step backwards offensively, mostly because Howard can’t repeat what he did the last half of the season (in part because other teams won’t give him the chance).

    I like it.

  7. Now might be a good time to re-consider Craig Wilson as a back-up at first and the outfield. He has a decent right-handed bat, and since he is still an unsigned free agent could, perhaps, be available at resonable cost

  8. Yes, Smitty…if Soriano, Gonzalez and Wickman each make 162 appearances…

    My guess would be that Woodward makes the team as back-up 1B and SS.

    My ideal bench would be:
    Pena, C
    Langerhans, OF
    Aybar, 2B/3B
    Woodward, 1B/SS
    Pena, SS (I’d rather take him than Orr, who is a terrible defender.)

    Actually, my ideal bench would include Craig Wilson, thereby relegating Woodward to AAA or something. Doubt that’s happening, though.

  9. Now, Stu, we’ll occasionally be up 8-0 on the Nats in the top of the 7th and will be able to let Yates out of the cage.

  10. I just don’t think we have the budget flexibility to make another move, Smitty. I hope I’m wrong, of course, because I’d love to see another move or two (Craig Wilson? Alex Rios? Rocco Baldelli? — sorry, Dan). I just don’t see how we can fit in the salaries of even moderately-priced guys like these, especially given the Woodward and Sturtze signings, which have unnecessarily eaten around $1.5MM.

  11. why dont we lock up any of our players before they become arb. eligible. Wouldnt that be more cost productive?

  12. “Last year, he hit .216/.289/.311, and L’il Tony can certainly do that.”

    Well no. No, he can’t. No way would Tony Pena jr walk enough times to have a .289 obp with a .216 ba.

  13. Maybe we can teach Lil’ Tony to stand on top of the plate and lean into the ball, like Craig Biggio. If he could draw about 15 beanballs a year, he’d could raise his OBP by like 40 points.

  14. The thing I love the most about the LaRoche trade is the sell high mentality. LaRoched was fantastic the 2nd half of last year, but there is no guarantee that he could repeat that again. First base is much easier to find than young stud (lefty) pitchers. We will be fine at 1B. We currently have a top prospect in Salty (who I think will play 1B if he makes it to ATL) and a guy in Thorman who could put up 80 percent of LaRoche’s production next year. LaRoche was the one trade commodity we had that could bring high level young talent and now was the time to move him.

  15. It looks like LaRoche would’ve made around 3.2 mill this year, while Gonzalez is only at 2.3 mill. I wonder if that does allow us enough flexibility to get a Craig Wilson, or someone like that? JoshQ, it was definitely a sell high mentality and can you really blame them. I dont see LaRoche putting up better numbers than he did last year, but I do hope that Gonzalez stays healthy and he becomes a reliable set up guy…

  16. hopefully the sale wont go through and the bidding will reopen in May, we dont need another corporate owner

  17. I dont see how you can say the Mets pen is better than ours…

    From Buster Olney, “The Atlanta bullpen does not appear to be as strong as that of the Mets, but the Braves’ staff is balanced, with Gonzalez and Rafael Soriano lined up in front of Bob Wickman, and a rotation of Smoltz, Chuck James, Tim Hudson, Kyle Davies and the recovering Mike Hampton. The Braves could reclaim the NL East if Hudson, Hampton, Smoltz, et al, stay healthy.”

  18. csg,
    he does work for ESPN, it is manditory that he slight the Braves while boosting atleast one of the NY teams

  19. I think that is based on the assumption that Billy Wagner is better than Wickman. That may be true in the abstract (especially given Wickman’s age) but I think Wagner is in decline, although he is still good. He is certainly not lights out anymore.

    Moreover, with Pedro out, Smoltz is the one true ace in the division (although some of the Marlin pitchers might develop into aces). Glavine is still pretty good, but certainly not at Smoltz’s level.

  20. I’m going to hope that Bobby Cox can work some of the same magic on Woodward that he’s had on some other role players…Eli Marrero, Julio Franco and Matt Diaz. Woodward could be put in a position to succeed not fail and produce good numbers. If he’s a total bomb, there’s backup options.

    I thought at first the LaRoche for Gonzalez trade was a bit lopsided. A power hitting 1st Baseman for a Setup guy doesn’t make that much sense. Especially when you’ve gotten another dominate setup guy and 285 pound closer. We get Gonzalez but Lillibridge could be a plus to the big club by next year. A 391 OBP will get your attention. I don’t care if it’s at high A ball or not.

  21. Well, some great news for you Bobby Cox supporters.

    We now seem to have room for another 1B/LF guy – maybe a backup first baseman, 5th-OF type.

    Brian O’Neal Jordan, anyone?


  22. Carpenter. He’s a stud on so many levels. I’d give him the advantage due to age of Smoltz, but John is who I’d trust to win a big game for me.

  23. I agree that Willis is too inconsistent to be the best of that bunch. Maybe I am just biased, but I really think I would take Smoltz out of that group. They all have the physical tools, but Smoltz just has that “it” factor. You don’t really have to worry about him losing his concentration or his cool, and he has been in more big games than the rest combined. If I had to rank them:


  24. After I read my post, it sounded confusing. When I said “I would take Smoltz out of that group,” I didn’t mean I would REMOVE him. Rather, I would SELECT him out of that group.

  25. If I had to take one NL pitcher for one season, it would probably be Smoltz. If this is the “who would you build your franchise around?” question, though, I’d take Zambrano without giving it a second thought.

  26. Sorry, Stu, Jack Kingston is my hero for that. Eff the Gators I say. It’s equivalent to being “happy” for say the Yankees, Red Sox, the Lakers, Duke or any other number of evil teams.


    re: McCann for Zambrano?

    Well, then we will REALLY have no offense left. We will be lucky to score 2 runs a night.

  27. Huh? I said nothing about Jack Kingston.

    And as for the McCann thing, I said I’d be tempted, not that I’d do it. Tough call. Zambrano’s so good and so young.

  28. I forgot about Dontrelle Willis. He is an ace when he is at his best although he is inconsistent. And remember that Smoltz was rather inconsistent when he was younger. The others aren’t in the division.

    To me, starting in about 1998, Smoltz has been one of the best pitchers I’ve ever seen. Before that (even in his Cy Young year) he was more of a thrower and would make costly mistakes. Later in his career he learned to pitch well without his best stuff. When he has his best stuff, fuggedabout it. If he had learned to pitch at a younger age like Clemens or Maddux, I think we might well be talking about him in that category.

  29. Yeah dude, Stu didn’t address anything Kingston. And as for Jack Kingston, my goodness. He’s a leader in our country and he votes against recognizing 83 young people for an amazing accomplishment. What a complete lack of class. Maybe he’s just bitter about 15 of 17, I dunno…

  30. Tempted, people. That’s a key modifier in that sentence! (Note that we have Salty and nothing remotely resembling quality — much less dominant — starting pitching in the Minors.)

  31. Dude, Salty hit .243 last year. I’m not ready to put a whole lot of stock in him until he succeeds at a higher level. I know he was injured, but let’s not name him our 2008 catcher or first baseman just yet…

  32. Rob,

    Read my posts. You’re arguing with yourself. I never said I’d do the trade! I never said I’m ready to hand the job to Salty! You’re telling me you wouldn’t even think about giving up McCann for Zambrano? That’s unreasonable.

  33. Stu…my apologies. Smitty had posted the Jack Kingston link. I forgot and thought you had.

    But no, Rob, I have no problem with him as a Georgia fan not recognizing 83 Gators. Different opinions. Plus…Kingston is a Georgia Rep and not POTUS. If anything, he’s further endearing himself to his consituency.

    Should we as Braves fans be waiving Mets flags if they win the WS this year? Not likely.

  34. If the dollars were the same I would trade McCann for Zambrano. As things stand, I would prefer to have McCann at $400K, 4 years away from free agency to Zambrano at $8M (or whatever), 1 year away from free agency. No question.

  35. Zambrano looks great…but so did Hudson. I’d keep McCann and trade Andruw for a solid young arm down the stretch.

  36. I wonder if McCann will be fully healthy by next year, I also wonder what kind of off season work out he has been on. He needs to lose about 15-20 lbs. It was so frustrating watching him rip balls down the line, but his ankle not allowing him to stretch it into a double.

  37. Zambrano’s also, what, 4 years younger than Hudson was when we acquired him? And he throws much harder. And he’s somewhat crazy, which I kinda dig.

  38. Zambrano could get more than Zito. I like Zambrano a lot, but he has pitched a lot of innings at an early age.

  39. I’d take Zambrano if we’re making the trade in a fantasy league? In the current state of the Braves (while I’d love for Zambrano to be in the rotation) he just costs too much for us. Especially in 08 after he signs his next FA contract. Sorry, I know you were just talking hypothetically and i had to go all Debbie Downer on considering the trade.

  40. Being tempted to trade for someone means that you actually would do it. Trading an All-Star catcher who is ridiculously young and cheap for really anyone other than Pedro Martinez circa 1998 with a double-A catcher who hit .250 last year and battled injuries waiting in the wings wouldn’t be a good call, and not too tempting at all…

  41. Alex R.,

    So his vote says that the government shouldn’t recognize the Florida Gators because they won the college football national championship because he bleeds red and black? Wow, Mr. Kingston, this must be youurrrrr world. My bad. Sorry to disturb you, Mr. You Planet. (I took that last part from Brian Regan. The guy’s hilarious.)

  42. Oh, well I don’t think so. I suppose it depends on how you define tempted. I’m usually tempted to eat pizza even though it’s bad for me, and as results tell my mid-section, I actually do do it.

  43. It’s funny because you’re being so stubborn and I’m done trying to make my point. I didn’t mean for this to be an argument. I simply meant to imply that Zambrano’s good enough that I would even consider trading our most valuable commodity for him. You took it as a personal affront, apparently, and insist on arguing about how foolish that sentiment is. That’s fine. I like McCann and am glad we’ll be keeping him. My point, which was supposed to be in response to the “who’s the best pitcher in the NL” question, was that I like Zambrano best.

  44. Alright well I missed it. My bad. My point is that Zambrano is not worth trading McCann for. Even in a fantasy league. That’s just how I feel.

  45. csg,
    it will never end until we legalize performance enhancing drugs or until players actually come out in droves and everyone gets sick of hearing about it.

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