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  1. Oh well. Here’s a good, fun, non-controversial query

    What numbers will be retired in Atlanta in the next 5-10 years?

  2. Addendum: 29, 31, and 47 will be retired together after The Big Three have all retired from their playing careers.

  3. Well it appears as if Torre has made it through today as a Yankee, I wonder about tomorrow or the next day. My guess is they are lining up PInella and when he accepts and offer they wil fire Torre. Torre will go to Texas or the windy city

  4. I’m hearing San Francisco for Torre, who actually lives in Maui.

    But if and when he gets fired, he leaves with $7M. Not a bad parachute.

  5. I wonder if he can asked to be fired and still get the money. My guess is Stein is hard to please

  6. My dream scenario is Torre gets fired, sits out a year, then takes over the Braves when Bobby retires after next year.

  7. think about this

    Does anyone think that Torre was trying to make a statement yesterday about moving ARod to 8th? Maybe Torre wants that $7 and a departure. Maybe he is tired of having to win a WS or the season is entirely a failure. Makes sense to me, take the money and run…I’m not saying he was trying to lose, but you have to question that move.

  8. Why does everyone sound like they want A-Rod? Has the past season taught us nothing? It’s the pitching the Braves need, not hitting.

    There was an article I read somewhere yesterday in which Schuerholz made it pretty obvious he’s going to get another starting pitcher through trade or signing. I wish I could find that.

  9. Yes, the Braves need pitching. Yes,that’s the most important aspect of any team.

    But A-Rod is an immortal player in a very strange situation—in fact, it’s probably sui generis. If you can get him without wrecking the team, the rotation and/or the salary structure, you gotta try.

  10. By the way Gary Sheffield opened his big mouth again. He is a piece of shit.
    He acts like he is such a great post season player. He hasn’t done shit. What did he hit for the Braves in 2002 and 2003? I think he was something like 2 for 30 those two years.

  11. Not to be one to bring up bad memories, but it was one year ago exactly (nearly to the minute) that Chris Burke hit a home run that left us all in utter disbelief. In a game was all figured we had won, no less…

    Now that we’ve had a year to digest it, I wonder how different would last postseason had been if we had gone to an official game 5?

    I know time is supposed to heal, but this still hurts.

  12. BTW, I know we lost on a Sunday, so this is exactly one year later in terms of the DATE, not day.

  13. 6, 10, 29, 31, 47. Maybe 25, depending on what happens in the next year or two.

    And of course 19.

  14. Well, Rissa, that was an 18-inning game…so in a way, the Game 5 was played on that same day. Seriously, HoRam was supposed to start game 5, and that sounded so promising you know.

  15. That’s why I said “official.” I always thought it ironic that, inning-wise, we lost in 5 games. It is almost fitting that was the last postseason of the streak. It was basically like the previous 3 (or however many it was we kept losing in 5 games), but it was just different enough to be even more painful.

    I do remember being confident with HoRam slated to be on the mound for game five. I think we would have just lost in the NLCS since Smoltz could not have pitched, but at least we might have gotten there.

  16. HoRam at home, in daytime (it woulda been a 4 pm game), against Pettitte on 4-days rest. Not a great scenario, but I wish we could’ve rolled the dice there.

  17. “My dream scenario is Torre gets fired, sits out a year, then takes over the Braves when Bobby retires after next year.”

    I want us to hire Girardi….

  18. Biggest names that come to mind immediately

    Zito, Schmidt, Soriano, Carlos Lee, Barry Bonds (sucks) take your pick

  19. Zito, Schmidt, Soriano, Carlos Lee, Barry Bonds (sucks) take your pick

    Schmidt, Lee, Zito…..Lee looks to be the best, younger and left handed…

    Bonds will need a walker and oxygen tank to make it to the batter’s box next year.

  20. Don’t worry about Zito. My guess is that you’ll see a bidding war between New York teams.

    A tidbit: Since the Division Series was added, the St. Louis Cardinals are 20-5 in those NLDS games, winning 5 of those 6 series; they’re 11-23 in the other post-season games, losing 5 of those 6 series. Odd symmetry.

  21. I know there is no precedent, but would anyone want #54 retired?
    Leo is synonymous with the Braves playoffs era and was very popular here

    and in the FA list, Maddux, Clemens and Pettitte are missing.

  22. “Mulder, Randy Wolf, Meche, Woody Williams”

    “Maddux, Clemens and Pettitte”

    We trade Hudson for AROD….we then sign Pettite, Clemens, and Mulder as starters. We makes WOld, meche, and WIlliams our relievers.

    We also sign Soriano, Lee, and Sheffield

    I’m not paying for it….

  23. @ Justin #24:

    Gary Sheffield:
    2003 ATL 155 576 126 190 37 2 39 132 348 86 55 18 4 .419 .604 .330

  24. I think he meant Sheff’s post-seasons for Atlanta, which did see him hit a collective 3 for 30 in the ’02 and ’03 NLDS Series.

  25. The playoffs are a crap shoot. Most prominent players have struggled at one time or another in the playoffs–even someone like Ted Williams. You can’t judge Sheffield or A-Rod or Bonds for that matter on what they do in a few games in the playoffs. Or, for that matter, a manager. Sheffield may be a jerk, but he is one of the best hitters I have ever seen and Francouer can only hope that he has anywhere near that kind of career. Baseball isn’t like football where you can prepare for a particular game–any given game in baseball hinges on a lot of contingencies and breaks. A guy is hot or isn’t hot. The Yankees had an incredible run in the 90s, but they also got a lot of breaks in those years. Firing Torre (or Cox) because they lose in the playoffs is silly.
    You might as well pick any five or ten games during the season and fire them if they go 4-6.

    As for Zito, he is going to get overpaid by one of the NY teams (or maybe even LA or Boston) and they will find out that pitchers that throw 85 aren’t worth $15 mil per year.

  26. Marc,

    I’m certainly glad that that is the case. If managers were fired during the season for going through slumps then the Braves probably would have gone through 4-5 managers in the month of June.

  27. I’m hoping now that the Yankees apparently won’t fire Torre, they’ll go buy up every mediocre free agent starting pitcher in sight thus keeping those pitchers away from the Mets and Phillies. :)

  28. If I were Torre, I would tell George to go stick that job up his ass. But Joe likes managing too much, especially the Yankees. It’s a disgrace the way Steinbrenner has treated Torre. YOu would think that they guy would have learned something about baseball after owning the team for 30 years. Managers don’t win or lose playoffs–baseball strategy is the most overrated thing in the world. No one wins or loses because the manager didn’t bunt at the right time. Same with Bobby. The job is to manage the men playing the game, put guys in position where they can be successful, and make adjustments when necessary. Torre does all that; to blame him for not winning in the playoffs is ludicrous even for New York and Steinbrenner. Does anyone seriously think that somehow he is a worse manager than he was in, say, 1998? All managers, including Torre and Bobby, and, I assume Joe McCarthy, make mistakes, but when a team gets its ass kicked like the Yankees did, it’s ridiculous to blame the manager.

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  30. csg,
    I think Davey Johnson won the award & got fired (or left) after winning it. It was either with Cincy or Baltimore, don’t remember which, but I think it was Angelos.

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