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  1. Does anyone know what the chances are the Braves do anything before 4:00 P.M. today or are they done?

  2. Things I’d like to see done by 4:00 today:

    1.) Giles GONE…..for something, a young starter, a prospect, somethng

    2.) Hudson….would like to see him gone, maybe to BoSox or something. Coco Crisp would look nice in LF next year.

    3.) Pratt…..trade him for a bag of balls, just get him out of here

  3. They said yesterday during the game that JS was looking to aquire starters before the deadline. I hope he doesnt think we can make a run w/ the crap that we have. Would you package Salty and prospects for a SP for this year, I dont think I would. I’m tired of getting 1/2 year rentals for our prospects.

  4. I might for Jason Schmidt, on the basis that (a) he’s the best starter available and (b) most likely to be resignable. But probably not.

  5. Lance, there is no real reason for Pratt to be on our team. Go ahead and designate him and bring up Pena to see if he can be a solid backup for McCann next year. I think Pena has some upside and would be a good backup and a good hitter off the bench for us.

  6. We won’t trade Giles becaue we have no one to play second right now. Aybar is stuck at third until Chipper gets back

  7. Mac, that would be great, but I’m sure the Mets will probably get him and Zito this offseason.

  8. Smitty, they might trade Giles if they feel this season is lost. They’ll bring up Prado or let Tony P play and see what they can do.

  9. Man this is hard to take. Swept by the damn Mets. Completely out of the NL East. Really just a light pulse in the Wild Card. Is it worth trading Giles or do you let him get his value up then trade him in the off season? Lets remember that this is an outlier year. He has been a top quality 2b for the last 3 seasons. And this is figuring that we have a replacement in the works. I would have said yes before they traded Betemit away but not now.

    God, I don’t know what the heck is wrong with Hudson. He has no value on the market now. At least not enough to trade him away for anything useful. Lets hope that this is just an off year and not the start of a precipitous decline.

    If we keep the core pieces in place we might be able to contend next season. If we start dumping then we are looking at some lean years before we can contend. Especially the way the Mets can spend money.

  10. WEEI in Boston is saying something like the following: Loretta to Tampa for Lugo, then Lugo and Crisp to Atlanta for Andruw. No idea if they’re reporting that as a fact or just a rumor. WEEI is about 98% crap, anyhow, so I don’t put too much stock into this.

  11. “Would you package Salty and prospects for a SP for this year, I dont think I would.”

    If it’s a good pitcher with a contract beyond 2006 or somebody the Braves can re-sign, yes.

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  13. Andruw for Crisp and Lugo…..nah….it doesnt address our biggest need….starting pitching.

  14. I wouldn’t package Salty and whoever for anyone (likely to be traded) not named Dontrelle Willis (maybe, maybe Schimdt if we could resign him).

    At this point, wouldn’t it be better just to hang on to Giles and trade him in the offseason (or is that too late?). Wouldn’t we be more likely to get more value for him then or is he a FA this winter (can’t remember)?

  15. Yeah, Lugo and Crisp would be a pretty awful return for Andruw, considering it doesn’t directly address any pressing need and also wouldn’t bring in any particularly young or great players. Also Lugo’s a FA at the end of the year, and ain’t no gentleman. Finally, it’s been about thirty minutes since a friend told me about the WEEI mention, and since there’s been no confirmation or follow-up anywhere else I believe we can safely ignore it as base conjecture.

  16. he has one more year of arb., I believe. Either way he’ll be too expensive for us w/ Hampton coming back. I’m starting to blame McDowell for this crap, but then again our rotation right now is Smoltz, Huddy, James, Horacio, Shiell so I will now focus the blame on JS until he gets us some average SP’s. Or at least someone better than Thomson and Sosa. Okay, Im blaming both of them now that I think about it.

  17. From the previous thread:

    All I can say is I’m very glad flournoy is powerless about what this team does because saying the Braves can’t contend in 2007 is insane.

    Gee, I’m glad that’s all you can say. I sure would hate it if you posted reasons and tried to have an intelligent discussion. Who needs that when you can just toss around insults?

    Of Course this team can contend in 2007. If we would have had some form of relief pitching, we would be in the thick of things this year. I think we should look to move Hudson and Giles in the offseason, but we don’t have to sacrifice the short term by completing these trades. We can get help for 2007 and the future by moving those two guys.

    Maybe the Braves would be contending if they had a better bullpen, but you can say that any team would be contending if only they had a better . The starting pitching is the biggest problem. How is a team with only one starter’s ERA below 4.50 supposed to compete?

    How do you suggest that the Braves drastically improve all ends of their pitching staff, keep their offense intact, and not add any payroll for 2007? Keep in mind that Hampton’s contract rears its ugly head. I don’t think it can be done. The Braves can certainly make moves to help the team in 2007, but these should be complementary moves to a more long-term plan.

    Flournoy, Renteria playing over his head? I don’t know where you got that from. The guy was an allstar before moving to the american league. He is just returning back to form now that he’s in the national league again. I don’t see how we could or would want to trade one of our best hitters.

    Ah, so you subscribe to the comforting National League theory. At 31 years of age, Renteria is having the second best offensive year of his career, almost equal to his best year in 2003. These two years have been far and away better than any other seasons he’s had. He is unlikely to keep this up next year. He’ll probably regress to about .290 / .340 / .400, which is still pretty good coming from a shortstop.

  18. In my response to the second quote, that should say:
    any team would be contending if only they had a better [insert weakness here].

    Used angle brackets, bad idea with HTML on.

  19. “Andruw for Crisp and Lugo…..nah….it doesnt address our biggest need….starting pitching.”

    Which raises an interesting question: would you trade Andruw for Papelbon? I know it won’t happen.

  20. Fantasy Trade:

    since it’s an open thread, im going to seek some advice. im in a league that favors power hitters, we get 3 keepers. Im keeping Ortiz and Jered Weaver, which will count as my 1st and last pick next year.

    The guy in last offered A-rod for Troy Glaus. Glaus will be locked as a 7th round pick next year, and is now SS eligible. Getting that production in the 7th round at SS is huge. Cheering for A-rod is no fun. Would you make the trade?

  21. South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the Marlins are trying to get Soriano. They think they can make a run at the wild-card with him aboard, and that it could help land them that new stadium deal…

    That would be interesting..

  22. The simple fact is: no team is out of it in 2007, including the Pirates and Royals. Look at the Tigers, they’re the same team except with Kenny Rogers and Todd Jones and would anyone here even gave them slight consideration if asked a day before the regular season which team would have the best record in the majors come the July 31 trading deadline?

  23. I don’t know if I would have considered the Tigers for that, but it was easy to see that they had a very good team coming into this season.

    The old “everybody’s in contention on opening day” idea really doesn’t work. The Pirates and Royals weren’t in contention, and they won’t be in contention on opening day 2007. They’re done before it’s even started.

  24. Andruw for Papelbon….I would do that *IF* Andruw wouldnt sign an extension. He’s still got 4-5 years of being a dominate allstar outfielder. I’d like to have his services for those years. If he pulls a Carlos Lee, then trade him.

  25. I wouldn’t “rent” Soriano, if I didn’t think I could resign him. There is no way he would reup in Florida

  26. No way would the Sox do Andruw for Papelbon. They would maybe do something involving Lester in the off-season, but still unlikely. Two months ago I thought these teams would make great trade partners; if the Braves did deal Andruw, which I wouldn’t like, Boston seemed like the best place for him to go. A deal for Jon Lester, Craig Hansen, and a lower prospect wouldn’t have upset me too much, and would’ve addressed some of Atlanta’s pitching needs. With the injuries to Wells, Wakefield, Clement, etc., there’s no way Boston deals Lester now.

  27. I’d like to know what you are subscribing to if you think there is no difference between hitting in the N.L. vs hitting in the A.L.


  28. Been without the internet over the weekend, wanted to catch up with a few comments:

    (1) Love the trade. (Loved it as soon as I heard about it, actually.) While I’m not quite with Alex R., who after one game seems to be convinced that Aybar is better than Betemit, I do think the Braves got a good return and, as Mac has said, Willy is a better fit at second base, where we’re sure to need someone by next year, if not by 4:00 today. Also, the “Cuban Missile Crisis” nickname for Baez is outstanding, though hopefully now inappropriate.

    (2) I cannot believe jenny is still complaining about the Renteria-Marte trade (a couple threads back). That’s beyond silly.

    (3) I agree with flourney that next year’s budget situation is not looking good.

    (4) I want to trade Hudson and Giles, but no one else (other than the DFA’d Sosa, anyway). I want to sign Baez to an extension. Also, there’s absolutely no way Boston would do a straight Hudson-Crisp swap, or that Florida would do Willis for James/Salty. In neither scenario is our would-be trade partner getting much value.

    (5) I still think we’ve got a shot. I know there are a ton of teams ahead of us, but I haven’t given up yet. That may well be foolish.

    (6) Anybody with me on Chuck James yet? He’s giving up, like, 6 homeruns per inning. He’s no solution to any pitching problem.

    (7) I’m thoroughly enjoying the 4Seam era. Welcome. You crack me up.

    (8) Mac, please block the Mets troll. He adds nothing to the discussion, and we’ve already lost ububba, who adds a great deal. Please?

  29. Conine would mostly be a bat off the bench, I’d think. That way, we wouldn’t have to send Todd Pratt up to face Billy Wagner.

  30. I’ve kicked NYMETS’ email to automatic moderation, due to numerous requests. It’s just not worth it — but you should see some of the crap other Mets fans have tried to post.

  31. A couple of months ago, everyone was berating Cox as a moron for ot putting Chuckie-boy in the rotation. Now, it seems he is like every other Braves pitching prospect–a prospect and nothing else. I guess Davies is the next savior. Get it through your heads–Hudson is going nowhere. Why would anyone pick up a guy with a big contract pitching like garbage? I don’t understand how people think we are supposed to get rid of him other than releasing him. Unless, the Braves are willing to pick up most of the contract. He is ours.

    I doubt the pitching would be much better if Leo was still here. The pitching has been in decline for several years; last year it was held together with duckwire and tape–maybe that had something to do with Leo, but, these pitchers are plain bad. This organizational philosophy of drafting all these high school pitchers has not worked at all. I frankly don’t know how you fix this staff given the payroll constraints, but there is no point trading people just to trade them. Even a marginal improvement in pitching is probably sufficient to make the Braves competitive next year and the bullpen now seems to be less of a problem than the rotation. But if Hudson doesn’t somehow find his form, the Braves are in trouble for a long time; that might end up being the trade that puts us down for the count. Big contracts, no performance; the Braves are starting to sound like the Orioles a few years ago.

  32. Stu, I’m w/ you on James. He’s not major league ready. Too many Flyballs and HR’s in my opinion. I dont see how anyone can still be upset over the Marte trade either. Renteria has been one of the only bright spots on the team and he’s a leader.

    I hope JS doesn’t think we only need one SP, we need 4.

  33. The Red Sox, I suspect, would jump all over Hudson if we’d be willing to make it strictly a dump, taking only a live arm or something from their system. Shoot, why not send him to the Mets in a similar deal? They’d almost certainly take him. Plus, then we might get to face him a couple of times this year.

    And thank you, Mac. Maybe we’ll hear from ububba soon. :)

  34. Okay, to rephrase an earlier post, where does Renteria bat if Giles stays and hits second? Fifth?

  35. Ok, I’ve been either too busy or too depressed to post at all lately, but I just have to speak up about my guy Chuck James.

    Listen, Chuck has started all of 6 major leauge games. Two have been very good, 3 have been competent, and one (against the best offense in the league) has been bad. Even after the awful outing yesterday he’s got a good WHIP. Yes, he has given up some homeruns, but he’s adjusting to the level. Give him some time before you expect every start to be a masterpiece.

    Just lay off the rookie for “only” being good, and don’t hastily write him off for one bad day. That is all.

  36. I haven’t written him off, Jay. I just said (a few days ago) that he’s probably no better than a back-of-the-rotation starter, while others were claiming that he’s the savior of our rotation. The homeruns, though, are genuinely disturbing.

    I don’t understand the question, Remy. While Chipper’s out, Renteria’s hitting third. When he’s back, everyone shifts back up. If we move Giles, Aybar leads off and Renteria bats second.

  37. 3 things.

    1. I don’t understand the trade Giles stuff. In the last 3 years, he has been 1st and 3rd in OPS as a 2B, and the other year, because of his injury, he didn’t qualify, but has a higher OPS than the year he finished 3rd (so 3rd is a good guess). This year he is at the bottom, but steadily climbing (he will not be at the bottom by the end of the year). His OBP this year is higher now than Furcal’s for Furcal’s career, and .363 for a lead-off hitter (his career OBP) just isn’t that bad. Giles is not the problem with this team, and in fact, in most years, he is delivering championship level play, relative to his position.

    2. Something is seriously wrong with Hudson. he has given up at least 4 runs in his last 9 straight starts, and he is doing that over not a lot of innings (he is getting bombed early). I just do not believe an elite pitcher can go in the toilet that fast, unless there is some injury. He just plain doesn’t have it. over his last 50 innings, he has given up 70 hits, 23 walks, and 8 HR’s. That is Jorge Sosa-like. if we do anything else the rest of the year, i would want to figure this one out.

    3. The rest of this year should be getting us in shape for 2007. In order, I would (a) not pitch Smoltz very much, so he doesn’t wear out: (b) fix Hudson, if possible (there is no help on the farm for pitching, for at least 2 years, so we need to fix what we have: (c) teach Jeff Francouer some plate discipline (I think we can pick up 3 wins, just by getting him from worst in the league, in that regard, to league average); (d) find a right-handed hitting 1B with some pop to platoon laRoche with (I can see a buff Brian Jordan impressing JS now with his hustle and leadership in spring training, just so he can give us 150 AB’s at a .600 OPS in the regular season); and (e) get Kyle Davies some work and some coaching, so we can get him to at least league-average stats.

  38. I still trust Chuck James too. It was one really bad outing people. I think he’ll be good for years to come.

    But Chuck James’ next start is schueduled for the Great American ballpark. That can’t be good.

  39. You figure with this trading deadline someone would take Jorge Sosa, for something, anything.

  40. Yeah, lets give James time, Glavine and Smoltz were not heores there first years either, but I am glad they were given time to develop. We are in the situation now where we have to take some lumps till things get better, if we have a capped payroll and can not go and buy pitching, its just going to be this way.
    Glavine had a sub 4.00 ERA once in his first four years.
    Smoltz got rolling in his second year, but in his first he had a 5.48 in 60 innings, not great numbers.

  41. “I don’t think Adam neds a platoon partner. He is playing well, let’s just see what he can do playing everyday.”

    I agree to an extent, but it would have been nice to have someone to go up against Billy Wagner last night aside from left-handers LaRoche and Thorman or, the only right-hander at the time; Pratt.

  42. The Giles thing:

    His salary (for next year) is why I want to trade him. I just don’t think this team can afford to pay even the average-over-the-past-five-years Giles 5 million dollars next season. Aybar or Escobar will be ok enough, I think, at their league minimum salary. If someone’s willing to give up a bullpen arm–or if the Royals are willing to give up Mark Redman–for Giles, I’d do it.

  43. I wonder what we could get for Pete Orr. He is a left handed bat of the bench and has been decent comming off the bench (but not starting!)

  44. Dan, that’s why Pratt needs to go and we can call up Pena. He’s a switch hitter and can handle the bat pretty well. He doesn’t throw well, but then again neither does Pratt.

  45. Smitty, Diaz and Pratt are our only right-handed hitters who don’t play regularly. (Aybar is a switch-hitter, but he’ll be playing regularly for now, anyway). We need another right-handed hitter. Plus, acquiring anyone allows us to send Orr to Richmond. Tony Pena is better defensively, no worse offensively, and can run just about as well. And he’s already up here.

  46. Stu, speaking off RH’s off the bench what do you think about designating Pratt and calling up Pena for the rest of the year?

  47. Here’s a great link about ground balls, flyballs, and homeruns, that I may have posted here before.


    Basically, groundball/flyball rates don’t correlate to Homeruns. That’s not what you’d expect, but it’s apparently true. If you look at Chuck James’ minor leauge numbers you see it’s true: a ton of flyballs, and very low homerun rates. So, I expect that trend will start to show as we see more of Chuck in the bigs. The homeruns may be a result of inexperience at the level, or just bad pitches . . . but they aren’t flyballs that are suddenly turning into homers.

  48. If we coould get Lidge and keep everyone next year that would be awesome.

    We could have a Baez, Wickman, Lidge, Ray, McBride, Boyer, Foster
    bullpen. Or if we could have two of those 3 we would be solid.

  49. I don’t know of anyone other than Bobby Cox who wouldn’t be in favor of demoting Pratt in favor of Pena. Even his defense is terrible.

  50. Speaking of bad james pitches, i was listening in my car to the 1st inning, and I think he had both Reyes and Delgado 0-2, and that both got their hits off of 1-2 pitches. Does he need a strike-out pitch (not so easy), or better approach to pitching with the count in his favor (easier to attain). Delgado hit his HR with 2 outs, so if james can somehow finish off reyes, maybe the game turns out a little differently?

  51. Jay,

    It could have something to do with the fact that in the minors guys are getting under the ball more than big league hitters. Plus the fact that the “Swinging Carloses” (Delgatto and Beltran) aren’t in AAA.

  52. That Delgado homerun was probably because of McDowell’s stupid “pitch inside” plan. Pitching inside, especially to left-handers, doesn’t work. Stop it already.

  53. I seriously hope the Braves don’t make any more rentals this year. With Chipper shelved for at least 2 more weeks and the rotation in tatters, there is no reason to give away more players for a probably doomed run at the wild card.

    I don’t have any confidence in Hudson. His contract is a huge albatross, and I don’t see him regaining his form from when he pitched for Oakland. Trade him now or in the offseason. I have no doubt some bloated payroll team such as the Yankees would be willing to take a gamble on him. They have tried much worse. You may not get a great package back in return, but at least you’d free up some money and open a spot in the rotation for somebody who is actually effective.

    Giles has to go for simple economics. The team needs his salary to afford the relief pitching (Wickman and/or Baeyz) it didn’t spend on last offseason. You can plug in Aybar at 2nd fulltime next year and not miss a beat and probably improve dramatically defensively.

    If somebody is willing to give you their best pitching prospect who can jump into the rotation right now, I think you have to move Smoltz. He only has a few years left assuming he even stays healthy which is always a risk. If you don’t get a trade offer that blows you over, pick up his option for next year since he is very reasonably priced for his ability and track record.

    The team must spend some money on relief pitching. Enough with trying to pick relievers off the scrapheap. Get Wickman or Baeyz signed for the next few years. Keep around the few relievers from this year who have done well such as Paranto and Yates. Maybe you will get some help next year from Boyer, Foster, and Reitsma returning but don’t count on it and plan as if it won’t happen.

    The team needs to add a dominant starter in the offseason. They may need to trade Ramirez to free up some salary. He’s nothing special anyway. A power pitcher like Jason Schmidt would be ideal. After the Hudson fiasco, I wouldn’t invest another fortune in a control pitcher.

    I don’t know if Chuck James has a future in the majors as a starter. He might be much more effective as a LOOGY. He pitched very well out of the bullpen in limited games early in the year.

    The NL is terrible this year. The Braves can easily compete for the wild card next year if they can stay healthy and make some of the roster moves I’ve mentioned. If they address their pitching problems, the division should not be out of reach with the Mets relying on a very old starting staff.

  54. Jon Heyman at CNN/SI says the Braves are one of three teams talking to the Cubs about Maddux. Although a return would be nice, I don’t really see this helping Atlanta out too much.

  55. I’d be very cautious about signing Wickman for next year or beyond. Maybe for the right amount of money, but I’m sure there’ll be younger, better relievers available in the off-season, if not by free agentcy than through trade.

  56. “Guys in the minors getting under the ball more than big league hitters?” I’m not sure if that’s true, or if you could even begin to quantify if it is. I think the most likely answer, as far as James is concerned, is that this is a small sample and it’s just at the beginning of his change in level. He is facing tougher hitters, so mistakes are going to get hit. But I don’t think it stems from his GB/FB ratio.

  57. “Jon Heyman at CNN/SI says the Braves are one of three teams talking to the Cubs about Maddux.”

    No f-ing way would that happen unless the Cubs payed a part of his salary.

    What is Maddux’s contract? Anyone know?

  58. I tend to think you’re right about that, Smitty.

    Chipper’s frailty is going to keep him out of the Hall, by the way. Which is a real shame.

  59. I think James’ fly balls in the minors are now becoming fly balls that are getting hit by bigger, stronger guys who get paid big money to hit those pitches out of the park. Thats why they are Major League hitters and not in the minors. James is going to have to make adjustments.

  60. I think our team needs to start smoking pot. It seems to me that when they start pressing, they are terrible. When they relax and get some confidence, they are fine.

    I bet Otis Nixson could hook the team up! Bring back Otis!!!

  61. Any thoughts on McDowell? I’m tired of seeing inside fastballs on 0-2 counts and I dont think its McCann’s fault. Low and Away seems to be a good philosophy. Also whats the deal w/ trying to throw high fastballs these days. McCann sets up for a high fastball and we throw it right down the middle, hence Shiell’s HR that he gave up yesterday.

  62. Where you’re wrong, Smitty, is in supposing that it’s the flyballs that are turning into homeruns. Why, for example, is a groundball pitcher like Cole Hamels giving up so many homeruns? It’s not the groundballs he was inducing in the minors that have turned into homeruns, but his mistake pitches. There isn’t anything wrong with James being a flyball pitcher. He does need to reduce the homeruns, but he needs to do it by getting outs the way he has for his whole career.

  63. Maddux is a free agent after the year. He makes plenty of money but for two months it wouldn’t matter.

    Marcus will be up for his final year of arbitration, and would make $6-8 million. Then he’d leave. If Aybar can give you the same production at the minimum, you’d be foolish not to trade Marcus.

  64. If we want a shot at resigning Anruw, we had better keep his name out of rumors. I don’t believe anything that comes out of Boston.

  65. I think we will move Giles at the winter meetings. I bet he goes to the Cubs, maybe for Prior or something. I think he will have more value then and the Cubs will be looking for a second baseman

  66. More Soriano news, With three hours and change left to go, add Oakland to the list of teams interested in Alfonso Soriano. Jayson Stark’s latest also indicates that the Twins are “all over the Soriano scene.”

    Soriano doesn’t work the count, but he adds slugging. The A’s are last in the league with a woeful .393 SLG. Hasn’t been any better in July, either – they’re at .375 this month.

    Smitty, I think we make our best offer to Andruw in the offseason and if he balks then we look at the options and move him. Until then, I agree.

  67. Yeah, I say move Andruw in the winter too. He will have his most value for the next three hours and at the winter meeting. A lot of what we will do will depend on Liberty Media. When do they offically take over?

  68. I hope that Sosa is traded for some bench help. A bench of the Peñas (Tony and Bryan), Orr and Pratt is scary. Seriously, why carry more than ONE light hitting infielder and ONE light hitting backup catcher? Until Chipper comes back, the bench is weak.

  69. “Yeah, I say move Andruw in the winter too.”

    Go for the contract extension first, then when he and the greedy Scott Boras say no, trade him.

  70. zerotes, Bryan Pena has always been a good hitter. It might be that I just want Pratt out of the lineup and I will take anyone to replace him. Pratt is terrible offensively and defensively and has no place on the team. We have enough veteran leadership!

  71. I think Andruw is terrific, and a huge part of this franchise’s success. However, if we do not feel like we are going to be in the ballpark for what he will demand in salary, isn’t NOW the best time to move him, in terms of what our leverage is with other teams, and what we can get in return? if we can get the Red Sox to over-pay in prospects in their deal-heat to stay in front of the Yankees, isn’t that what a smart mid-market team would do?

    BTW-just when did we become a mid-market team, unable to sign our best players?

  72. Well, he wormed his way around Boras last time, so it could happen, but this year has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, including the players, so I’m not holding my breath.

    I bet we do nothing. I can’t wait for 4PM to come; this is the first site I’ve been to where the server hadn’t been slowed down beyond belief or crashed completely. It’s kind of irritating.

  73. move Pena, unless its a deal that just cant be made without Salty….and even then it better be for someone REALLY good, and not a rental either

  74. When Ted Turner’s money left?

    We have the 8th biggest metro area, in population, a good stadium deal and a great following on at least regional TV. I will bow to Boston and NYC, but since when did Atlanta become the Royals in terms of budget?

  75. csg, you’re right. Peña is a good hitter.

    Now that I think back, it was his inability to throw out runners that made me dislike him.

  76. Mac is right about the staduim. I went on Saturday and sat in traffic for an hour and a half. The parking sucks (thoguht bettter than Fulton Co.) and it is really hard to get to the staduim. I wish they had built it in like Marrietta or near Peach Tree City, but we didn’t have to pay for it, so I guess we can’t really complain.

  77. A few notes from Buster Onley on Espn Radio:

    Deal for Andruw Jones to Bosox for Lester, Crisp and Hansen is STILL alive and being discussed.

    Drayton McLane has been told by Astro’s Management that he must trade Brad Lidge.

  78. Addition to above: Onley says the BoSox may be forced into this trade to make up for Abreu to Yankees

  79. Liberty Media in close conjunction with some of the long-term deals we have will likely make us the Royals, literally. I think our management should prove to be better than Allard Baird and Tony Muser, and at least our ownership won’t care enough to screw us by meddling, but if we get knocked down to 60 million, it’ll be about 10 million for 20 players, which is Marlin-esque (and the Marlins are very lucky to have turned out as well as they have this year). That’s assuming we move someone, because keeping Hampton, Chipper, Andruw, Hudson, Renteria, Smoltz, and Giles probably maxes that budget out.

  80. I am not sure they will mess with the payrole. That will lower the price of the team when they turn around and sell it. If they keep us competitive, then they can get more moeny for the Braves out of Blank in two years.

  81. As bad as trading Andruw sucks, that’s a great package, and it’s also encouraging that we would even consider creative, low cost solutions in the face of the impending sale. We know JS didn’t adjust quite as well the last time the budget was trimmed (Millwood, I also believe our bullpen is a result of too much guaranteed money in too few players), so this is a pretty good sign, in my opinion. Of course, it’s possible he’ll overreact in order to avoid being stung like last time (see lack of arb. to Sheffield, JD Drew, etc.). Who knows.

  82. Olney: Red Sox Discussing Andruw Jones
    According to ESPN’s Buster Olney:

    “The Red Sox and the Braves have talked about a deal that would send Andruw Jones to Boston for Coco Crisp, Craig Hansen and a prospect. But according to an executive familiar with the discussions, the Braves made a counter offer, asking for Jon Lester to be the third player.”

    This may be the surprise blockbuster that’s been rumored; it’s a testament to Theo Epstein that there hasn’t been a whisper of this til now. We’ve got just 2.5 hours to go.

    If I’m John Schuerholz, I’d just try to get Lester involved and not worry about the rest.


  83. TBS saw the Braves get fans around the country. Lots of profit in the 90s from TBS broadcasts, I bet.

    As far as population:

    *New York–Northern New Jersey–Long Island 18,709,802 (2 MLB teams)
    *Los Angeles–Long Beach–Santa Ana 12,925,330 (2 MLB teams)
    *Chicago–Naperville–Joliet 9,391,515 (2 MLB teams)
    *Philadelphia–Camden–Wilmington 5,800,614 and
    Washington–Arlington–Alexandria 5,139,549 (those two combined have 2 MLB teams)
    *Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington 5,700,256 (1 MLB team)
    *Miami–Fort Lauderdale–Miami Beach 5,361,723 (1 team)
    *Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown 5,180,443 (1 team)
    *Atlanta–Sandy Springs–Marietta 4,708,297 (1 team)
    *Detroit–Warren–Livonia 4,493,165 (1 team)
    *Boston–Cambridge–Quincy 4,424,649 (1 team)
    *San Francisco–Oakland–Fremont 4,153,870 (2 MLB teams)
    *Phoenix–Mesa–Scottsdale 3,715,360 (1 team)

    San Francisco-Oakland has 500,000 people less than Atlanta but can support 2 teams. St. Louis, which didn’t make it on this “top population urban areas” consistently beats Atlanta in attendance figures.

    So… do people in Atlanta just don’t like to go out to the park? If I lived there, I’d have season tickets, haha.

  84. There is a lot of people starting to bite on this Andruw to Boston thing. I am starting to wonder, thought it could be a Boston Media thing…

  85. I am not sure they will mess with the payrole.

    I hope not, though shopping Andruw doesn’t look to be a good sign on that front. If we can keep 75-80 million and spread it a little bit better, that would go a long way towards keeping us in the game for the next few years. 60 million with our salary structure is just a mess.

  86. I’m wondering if anybody else is going to follow the trade dealine special on ESPN Headline News? I’m hoping Maddux gets a chance to pitch in a pennant chase.

    I’m off today. doing laundry, and praying for the Braves. Does JS have one more surprise in him?

    By the way, the Reds cleared a spot on their roster yesterday. Does anyone know if this is a common move by contending teams on trade deadline day?

  87. I really can’t believe the Sox would do that. As a Braves fan I’d be thrilled if that trade goes through. But the Sox need Lester right now; even if they do go out and get Jon Lieber or Paul Byrd, they’d still regret losing Lester. I’ve heard some speculation up here in Boston that, instead of Lester, Clay Buchholz would be the younger starter packaged with Crisp and Hansen. That changes the deal mightily, as Buchholz is a good prospect, but still in A ball. No idea how I’d feel about that deal.

  88. The Braves need to sit down with the City and figure out how to make access to and from the stadium better and easier, if possible (short of running the MARTA train there, which isn’t going to happen). The City got this stadium for free, and they had better remember that when they try to get cheap on the Braves.

  89. I really hope Andruw doesn’t get traded.

    If he goes and Giles goes now or in the offseason, then I’d have no relevant jerseys left. Except Chipper’s, but he’s always injured.

    Still trying to figure out what to do with my Estrada jersey. :-(

  90. It seems as though the Boston-Andruw deal is in Boston’s court and we have asked for Lester in addition to Hansen and Crisp. So it is up to them

  91. Reds picked up two pitchers today, that’s probably why. Lohse and Cormier to fill in that spot

  92. “I really hope Andruw doesn’t get traded.”

    Same here. I’m really praying that in a couple of hours Andruw will still be a Brave. I don’t care if Lester is involved.

    I’d watch the ESPN special, but I don’t think I get that channel.

    Plus ESPN is talking about nails in the Braves’ coffin again, God I hate them.

  93. I think the deal gets done, but perhaps without Lester…..who else in BoSox minor leagues would you take?

  94. I think I would do that deal because I dont think Andruw will stay in ATL. Of course we will all miss him, COUNT IT! Lester is going to be good, Crisp gives us the leadoff we need, and Hansen is a bonus. Also free’s up a ton of salary to hopefully resign Baez or Wickman or another…

  95. Lance, no one. Lester has to be part of that package or we are losing the deal. I dont want an “A” ball pitcher included. NOw we could restructure and take Papelbon and Crisp, but that wouldn’t ever happen.

  96. They should change tactics and offer Hudson for Hansen, straight-up. The Sox would still say no, but they need starting pitching more than outfield upgrades. And they’re also one of three or four teams that could even consider eating Hudson’s contract.

  97. Lester or Papelbon has to be included with Hansen and maybe Crisp or the deal is a complete load of BS.

  98. I’d be surprised if any deal goes down with the Sox. If Edes is right, then Theo or whoever had the right response to the Lester/Crisp/Hansen request. Not that it’s an unreasonable offer; that’s about what Atlanta should get for Jones. Boston just can’t afford to do that right now, not with the state their rotation is in.

  99. “Gordon Edes of the Globe says there’ll be no deal for Andruw.”

    I certainly hope so. But Schuerholz keeps things so quiet I doubt anyone knows.

  100. I think we can get Lester. Wells is comming back for the Sox. I don’t see why they wouldn’t make that move. I really like Crisp, Lester, and Hansen. we would be fools for not doing it.

  101. Right, and the Sox would be fools for doing it. Even with Clement, Wells, and Wakefield healthy, Lester would be their third best starter. He’s also one of only two starters they have under the age of 30. If they do trade him, and don’t get a pitcher like Jason Schmidt in return, the fans up here will riot.

  102. Lester would be a great pickup. Anybody know what Crisp’s contract is like (how many yrs).

  103. Regarding stadium access–MARTA runs a shuttle from Five Points Station, which is the hub of all public trasportation in the area, to the stadium during every game. It’s quick, efficient, costs $1.00 surcharge each way (if you already have a MARTA ticket [it used to have no surcharge but costs being what they are for public trasportation. . .]), and leaves you off and picks you up at the gates. Park at any MARTA station, take the train, and avoid stadium traffic and parking fees.
    I go to Atlanta from Chicago two or three times a season for games and find MARTA to be a great way to get to Turner Field.

  104. That’s a pretty good deal, Doug, and I use MARTA whenever I attend games, but think of how much better things would be if MARTA had a station located outside of Turner Field.

  105. The MARTA shuttle no longer leaves from the Five Points station.. They moved the departure point to outside Underground, in a very lame attempt to drum up business.

  106. Crisp is signed through 2009 with a club option for 2010. Not sure what he’ll make, but they’re paying him $2,750,000 this year.

  107. I’m glad they didn’t put the stadium in the suburbs. Traffic would be just as awful wherever they put it out there. One partial solution would be for the paranoid rich folk in Cobb County to quit being foolish and allow MARTA to enter their wonderful little whitebread fantasy land.

  108. I always walk from the Georgia State station because I like talking to the peanut vendors.

  109. I’m borrowing a bit from Dennis Miller when I say, Looking to the city of atlanta to solve a transportation problem is like looking to crispin glover for psychoanalysis….

    Marta stinks. Getting to Fulton County wasnt easy, then they had the entire area bulldozed and huge construction budgets, so…they still dont run the train. now they make you march through Underground to reach the busses. As if some hapless Braves fan will decide to visit the World of Coke or buy a fake Gucci on their way. its absurd. I’m in NE atlanta, and shooting down Blvd. and parking at Mount Caramel is the way to do it.

  110. I hate MARTA. Including the shuttle charge, it costs $5.50 per person to ride MARTA. Parking lots near the stadium are $10 and $12. For a group of two people, you come out even, and for three or more, it’s a better deal to just park at the stadium.

    The advantages of public transportation are supposed to be price and convenience. MARTA fails spectacularly on both accounts.

  111. Good Crispin Glover reference, doubledawg. I just bought the Back to the Future trilogy last week.

  112. I honestly don’t get why Georgia’s state government continues to subsidize an inept MARTA.

  113. Man. Only ten to twelve bucks for parking? I drove through the Fenway yesterday around game time, and places were charging $40 and up for parking. A gas station had a sign up saying it was $90 for day and playoff games. Insanity.

    Prices up here are ridiculous and yet the Sox sell out every game. It’s really sad to see how indifferent Atlanta is, and how far attendance has fallen from the early ’90’s.

  114. Hudson should go (though I agree with what was posted above that no one would really want him; it would be great, nonethless, to be free of his salary). In addition, I would trade Giles and get rid of Pratt and Orr. Neither LaRoche nor Langerhans is untouchable. A player that the Braves might get immediate return on is Matt Diaz….

    I would like to see more of James and then Davies. These pitchers have the chance to be solid and I do not believe that their numbers at this stage should be seen as definitive. Young pitchers will get lit up and the chances are that they can become better. I think that this is especially true of Davies.

    More broadly, this means that the Braves should try to get to .500 and let their young players develop. The future can be bright if the Braves recognize that they do not have to make the playoffs this year. I would also like to see more of Thorman. There is a healthy range of young talent in Atlanta and the Braves would be wise to take some time to develop it.

  115. The Red Sox are not trading Jon Lester. Can we stop with the madness, please? They only have 3 starters as it is. It makes absolutely no sense.

  116. dark,

    how long have they been selling out fenway? 1-2 years. nothing is more irritting than discussing red sox fans. they are an eyelash ahead of Cubs fans in bandwagoning and a close second to mets fans in having a loser-inferiority complex. the only way the mets fans edge them out is they are obsessed with being dominated by two teams, one of which isnt even in their league. however, the “red sox faithful” do more to pump smoke up yankee ass than espn.

  117. Remember the last time we made a deal with the Sox and all of thoses SOSH guys came over making fun of us for taking Renteria? ha ha ha!

  118. The Sox are looking into Kip Wells. Maybe they are trying to make that deal so they can get an outfielder too.

    I’ll call my barber.

  119. Doubledawg,

    I moved here in ’03. They were already selling out every game at that point. I think it’s been a regular thing since the new ownership took over, in 2002 or whenever. Getting a ticket up here is ridiculously hard and/or expensive. Tell somebody up here that you went to a game, and they immediately respond with two questions: “You went to a game? How’d you get tickets?”. I’m not trying to bash the Braves or Braves fans in any way, I’m just saying that it sucks as a Braves fan to have witnessed the steady decrease in interest in Atlanta.

  120. Andruw
    Pete Orr….if they want him

    Prospect/Willy Mo Pena

  121. Yeah Smitty, they basically traded Renteria and $8M for Crisp, who they are now trying to dump. And we got ripped off, huh? Hysterical.

  122. Probably the only way they’d give us Lester is if we also included Smoltz. Even then, though, they’ve already got too many injury-prone 40-year-olds in their rotation*.

    *: theoretically. only one of them is healthy enough to actually be in the rotation right now.

  123. “I honestly don’t get why Georgia’s state government continues to subsidize an inept MARTA.”


    That’s really ironic… GA does not give MARTA a penny. Fulton and DeKalb shoulder the load by themselves, and Gwinnett/Cobb leech off the system. MARTA is (last time I checked) the only public transit system in the USA that doesn’t get any state money.

  124. Fenway only seats 34 – 35,000 versus Turner Field seating 50,000+. so Fenway tickets would be at a premium. Braves attendance has dropped the last few years, but they still average around 30,000 per game. Think they just set a regular season record on Friday and had close to 140,000 for the 3 game Mets series.

  125. “That’s really ironic… GA does not give MARTA a penny.”

    Hold up, I’m going to have to look this up now. I know they get money and I’m certain I heard multiple debates on the television about should the state continue it’s subsidizing of MARTA.

  126. There was a time when that would have been a lot more interesting than it is now…

  127. It appears you’re right. MARTA is however going under and they want state money. I guess that is what I heard. I shouldn’t go off memory.

    MARTA shouldn’t be subsidized by taxpayers, locally or whatver, period. They need to survive and profit on their own or go under.

  128. “Mets set up guy Sanchez out for the year….”

    And ESPN is saying that the Mets are about done with a deal to get Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez from the Pirates.

  129. “And ESPN is saying that the Mets are about done with a deal to get Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez from the Pirates.”

    Deal is done. Pirates got Xaiver Nady.

  130. DOB shot down the Andruw Jones deal. He said the Sox called and JS “swung for the fence.” DOB has become really defesive of late and it is really hurting his blog, at least to my point of view.

  131. just saw this,

    July 29: According to the Boston Herald, in order to add another starter to the rotation for the remainder of this season and possibly beyond, the Red Sox are making two-thirds of their starting outfield — center fielder Coco Crisp and Nixon — available to other teams while also making it clear that young pitchers Jonathan Papelbon, Jon Lester, Craig Hansen and Manny Delcarmen are not going anywhere

  132. “…making it clear that young pitchers Jonathan Papelbon, Jon Lester, Craig Hansen and Manny Delcarmen are not going anywhere.”

    I don’t want the trade to happen, but I believe anyone is available for the right price.

  133. It’s not happening. According to the Globe, JS demanded Hansen, Lester, and Crisp, which was met by a, “Thanks, but no way,” and discussions ended there. No counterproposals or anything. The media is blowing this way out of proportion.

  134. “MARTA shouldn’t be subsidized by taxpayers, locally or whatver, period. They need to survive and profit on their own or go under.”

    since when does public transportation earn a proffit??? I’m the first to say Marta sucks, it gets you no where, and the only possible way the current system would be an asset is if you live within walking distance of downtown decatur. To say it should profit on its own is like saying Piedmont street needs to turn a profit. Last time I checked, pounded and worn asphalt doesnt turn to diamonds, which the city can then scoop up into a gunny sac and pay for more roads.

    The problem with marta is that its seen by the surrounding counties as a city of atlanta/dekalb (read: black people). Granted, Bill Cambell certainly didnt build credibility for Atlanta, but I think the underlying sentiment is US and THEM, regardless. the answer for marta and lessening the hellish commute is to get State involvement, have a “federal” presence. however, we are a Home Rule state and each county will continue gorging itself on tax revenues and cheap strip malls until we live in a california-esque hell.

  135. “a california-esque hell”

    I’m fairly certain California now looks at North Georgia and lets out a sigh of relief, as if to say, “hey, at least we ain’t these guys”.

  136. heard on ESPN the R Sox turned down a deal proposed by JS of Andruw for Lester, Hansen and Crisp…i dont think that would have worked out so well on our side.

  137. The Padres just acquired Todd Walker…and you’re telling me they wouldn’t have wanted Giles??? This makes me sad.

  138. “they wouldn’t have wanted Giles??? This makes me sad.”

    Not for who we wanted, Scott Linebrink.

    “I’m fairly certain California now looks at North Georgia and lets out a sigh of relief, as if to say, “hey, at least we ain’t these guys”.”

    And I personally think the same thing about California.

  139. Well, I didn’t say we had to get Linebrink for him, Dan. I just want to unload him, and it looks like we may have blown a good opportunity to do so.

  140. Not sure what’s going on there with the California/No. Georgia comparison but give me Atlanta any day.

    The Boston deal would have been fantastic but they aren’t complete idiots. Getting two arms like Lester and Hanson plus Crisp would have been a stroke of genius for Andruw.

    I too am sad we couldn’t reunite the Giles boys in San Diego and give 2nd Base outright to Aybar.

  141. I hope the Yanks lose the division to Boston. They keep adding parts like a twelve year old playing fantasy baseball with made up rules. Amazing.

  142. Even though there wasn’t a big trade today for us, I still had a good day. I found out that there’s a restaurant near GaTech called “The Butter Trough,” and it’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen:

    – there is no cost to eat there, but ads play on the speakers and TVs
    – the menu is just bread (of all kinds), sweet tea, and *butter*
    – the butter is molten and is served in a 60-foot trough which is refilled every 30 minutes by people dressed like farmers.

    Restaurant? Sociology experiment on human greed? You tell me.

  143. Just as I suspected, outside of the Abreu deal, all these trades that have happened (the T. Walker deal, our trades, C. Wilson, Casey deal, Nady & Oliver Perez—all second tier deals).

    ESPN is a Marketing genius at hyping a whole lotta nothing.

    I think unless the Nats can re-sign Soriano, Bowden made a huge mistake not getting a McCarthy or something like that deal done.

  144. I wish there was a way for both Boston & the Yankees to lose, hate ’em both, but I am sorry…go Yankees. The Red Sox in the last 2 years have become even more hateable. There fans, most of them (since I have some friends who are nice Sox fans) are dispicable and smug and obnoxious.

  145. Seems like Braves trades tend to be announced well after the deadline. Didn’t the Farnsworth deal hit the media around 4:30 last year?

  146. I can’t believe the Braves didn’t get an A-level prospect, a draft pick or some cash for Jorge Sosa today. Get something, don’t just release him.

  147. dark,

    You maybe right.

    Can someone explain Ned Colletti to me? Why are the Dodgers adding players and adding payroll(and don’t get me wrong, with all due respect I love Greg but he’s DONE).

    It’s asinine.

    It also makes the Betemit deal make eve LESS sense…yeah, Wilson is a better third baseman but if you are still a so called, “contender” why dump one of your better relief arms for a mild 3rd base upgrade (but again, I think Aybar is the better player long term).

    The Dodgers are morons.

  148. Dan,

    The only thing you could get from Jorge Sosa at this point is a rash.

    What Major League team would be dumb enough to give us anything for Sosa? He sucks.

  149. The Dodgers are still very much in the race, in my opinion. And I think, at least in the short-run, Betemit represents a significant upgrade.

  150. Really. that’s interesting, Stu. The Mets have upgraded their bullpen with Linebrink, but they still didn’t get another starter. Unless they will now move Heilman back in there?

    Still, between Heilman, El Duque & Traschel, none of those guys are good enough in a potential NLCS or possibly WS match up as a 3rd starter.

    Oliver Perez, interestingly, is back with his original team.

  151. Full Text:

    The Dodgers used Danys Baez to upgrade their third baseman of the immediate future. Wilson Betemit, 26, is a four-tool player whose speed has been lost as he has filled out over the past few years.
    The switch-hitter crushes right-handers, can play third, second or short in a pinch, and has slightly above-average power to all fields. He’s a significant improvement over Willy Aybar, who is three years younger but has stagnated at the plate since he was signed at age 16 in 1999. For the Dodgers, this amounts to trading Edwin Jackson, Chuck Tiffany and Aybar for Betemit, and that’s a clear win.

    In exchange for Betemit, the Braves get Baez, who like Bob Wickman is known more for his save totals than his ability to miss bats. Baez has a solid-average fastball but no real out pitch, and only this year has he shown even average control.

    That said, the Braves’ bullpen was their biggest weakness — well, other than Jeff Francoeur — and Baez immediately becomes their best late-game option from the right side.

  152. 1) Law’s not a dufus. Generally, he seems to know what he’s talking about, and he articulates it well.

    2) I don’t understand why you’re so upset about that piece. He assesses Aybar differently than some here (including me) do, but I don’t see anything that’s really untrue or even objectionable.

  153. Speaking of the Dodgers, they just acquired Julio Lugo for 2 minor leaguers. Very odd.

  154. I read that Law post the other day and just about puked. Another ESPN expert that can’t even get the facts straight.

  155. He gets Betemit’s age wrong, which is enough for me to question his “expert” status.

  156. The Dodgers gave up Joel Guzman for Julio Lugo. They truly are one of the most idiotic franchises in professional sports.

  157. Well, plenty of people have been wrong about Betemit’s age, Jay. You’re going to think he’s completely wrong because he got bad age information on a Dominican player? Seems a bit harsh.

    And Landogarner, it’s plural, not possessive. Until you learn how to write in the English language, I might be careful in calling someone else a dufus.

  158. Can we afford Hudson, Hampton, and Smoltz next year? JS indicates that that’s what he wants. Smoltz is cheaper, but are we going to roll the dice on Hudson AND a post-surgery Hampton (who I think we’ll keep but may have trouble nonetheless) without getting a more experienced pitching coach?

  159. Braves trade Jorge Sosa to the Cardinals for RHP Rich Scalamandre, a 25-year-old reliever who will be assigned to Richmond.

    -from DOB on his blog

  160. Hey, that’s something.

    csg, Landogarner insulted me without provocation. I have a right to respond.

  161. Stu, here is a word for ya P-E-D-A-N-T-I-C

    I’m sure you know the meaning but just to reinforce it:

    Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules: a pedantic attention to details.

  162. Is it true that JS budgeted the Hampton contract so that we really only have to worry about $8MM per season in 2007 and 2008? I seem to remember something about that, but haven’t heard it recently.

  163. Dark,

    I watched Joel Guzman here in Jacksonville many times. Bust-o-rama. Dude has some talent, but is lazier than a three toed sloth and *very* awkward. Makes errors as frequently as Ron Jeremy makes love.

  164. August could be a good month. We play the Pirates twice, the Nationals twice, and the Phillies once (a good team that played like a chastised dog against us last time out). If we can get a winning streak going, who knows? I’d hate to just curl up and die with two months of baseball left. At least make the Mets nervous again.

  165. Stu, Lando, quit bitching like a bunch of prepubescent girls. Unless one of you is secretly “NYMets,” there is no reason to gripe at each other.

  166. Rob, stepping up big today. Well my friend it looks like you’ve done more than JS today and our starting rotation will have to figure itself out.

  167. Wait…you don’t think Jason Shiell is the answer, csg?

    I don’t know about counterproductive (I mean, what we say doesn’t really affect the Braves one way or the other…if it did, our roster would look a lot different than it does), but it certainly doesn’t accomplish much. I just don’t appreciate the unprovoked attacks, that’s all.

  168. F’ the team and blow it up………that’s what we should’ve done…..

    Sosa for someone is a better trade than anything else we’ve done all year!!!

  169. The pont of this particular blog is to commiserate, as in discuss the team’s problems and maybe gain a better understanding of our situation this year and next. That discussion is hindered by insults thrown at each other. Counterproductive.

  170. I just want to have a normal discussion without the team or someone else being brought down. That was a Hillenbrand-esque comment.

  171. And you have never attacked me unprovoked? AHAHAHAHAHA, good one.

    Besides, it was just a joke Stuey. Don’t be so sensitive. Sheesh.

  172. I think that KC fans are going to like Moore. He’s going to do a great job there, I think…

    The Rockies have sent first baseman Ryan Shealy and right-handed reliever Scott Dohmann to the Royals for left-hander Jeremy Affeldt and Class AAA right-hander Denny Bautista.

  173. I’ve attacked your (previous) anti-LaRoche and pro-Francoeur sentiment many times, Landogarner, but my statements were never personal and they were certainly never unprovoked.

    Rob, we’re going to have to disagree here. You can continue to try to be the Comment Police if you like, but I don’t buy your reasoning, so I’m not going to follow it.

  174. theme song for bravesjournal comments section by Lipps, Inc.

    *doot doot doot* Won’t-you-take-me-to
    *doot doot doot* Fussy-towwwwn!

  175. Rob was just pointing out the old internet adage about arguing on the internet and how it can be compared to competing in the special olympics.

    I for one appreciate what Rob was trying to do.

  176. But Stu’s right, it’s not my job to regulate anything. I just wanted to talk baseball but that may not happen today.

  177. I just want to talk baseball, too. But should someone stop talking baseball and insult me without provocation, I want to respond to their asinine and ill-founded remarks. If we want to get back to baseball now, that’s fine by me.

    Think Giles will be traded in the offseason?

  178. Yes, and you have repeated your little “unprovoked attacks” line about three times now Stuey. You were attacked unprovoked and just had to defend your honor. We get it Stuey.

    Back to baseball.
    How long after the deadline are unreported deals usually still announced?

  179. I hope he starts tearing the cover off the ball. I think his trade is a foregone conclusion, and the least he can do for us is maximize his value. I do believe a good-hitting Marcus (plus a prospect, maybe) could net us The Duke from the A’s. And I would support that whole-heartedly.

  180. Laugh, I haven’t been able to get that damn funky town song out of my head.


  181. Gotta have the last word, Lando? I thought you appreciated what Rob was trying to do. Tsk tsk.

    Back to baseball.

    I still kinda wish we’d been able to get Conine. Actually, seeing as how Craig Wilson went for only Chacon, we probably could have gotten him pretty easily, too.

  182. So we have tons of pitchers next year, who stays, who goes? While a Hudson, Hampton, Smoltz trifecta isn’t as impressive as a Glavine, Maddux, Smoltz, it should be formidable assuming everyone pitches up to standard.

    Do we keep HoRam, Paronto, McBride, Davies, James, anyone?

  183. Funny I was thinking that very thing when you said your little “unprovoked” line Stuey.
    And by saying “Gotta have the last word” you are in fact trying to have the last word. So “tsk tsk” back at ya.

    Back to baseball. (God this is amusing me to no end)

    I wish we had done the Andruw deal. I love Andruw but I love shaking things up and seeing new players even more.

  184. PItchers next year, or my hopes for next year….

    Smoltz, the old Huddy, Hampton, Davies, Horam or someone for Giles


    Baez and/or Wickman
    someone that we get for Giles

  185. I think the Braves want to hang onto James. They’ve invested a lot of time in him. I think HoRam and Thomson have outstayed their welcomes. I REALLY hope we re-sign Wickman.

  186. I go back and forth on Andruw like nothing else. If he was on the Yankees (God forbid), he would be batting sixth. I don’t think he’s a true clean-up hitter, but he’s too good to trade.

  187. I don’t know Rob. HoRam hasn’t pitched that poorly except for one or two starts. He is a keeper in my opinion.

  188. And by saying “Gotta have the last word” you are in fact trying to have the last word.

    Really? You think so? Maybe I haven’t given you enough intellectual credit, Lando.

    Back to baseball.

    I’m back and forth on Andruw, too, Rob. But I think that package from the Red Sox would have been about as good as we could hope for in such a trade, so I probably would have been in favor of it, despite the pain I would feel watching Andruw play for someone else. I’m just not very optimistic we’ll be able to re-sign him.

  189. HoRam, like Thomson, is very injury prone. That and his inconsistencies over the years makes me think that they’ll try to deal him.

  190. Yeah, a pitcher with bad legs and a bad shoulder doesn’t really sound like one I’d like to keep around. And that’s even if, when healthy, he pitched well, which is a pretty rare occurrence for Horacio.

    I actually really like Horacio the guy (always cool to fans, seems pretty laid back), but I don’t want him pitching for the team anymore.

  191. When was the last time Smoltz was on the DL? He’s almost 40 and he pitches hard without too many injuries. The injuries to Thomson this year make me question his conditioning.

  192. Your contradictory sarcasm baffles me Stuey. Are you giving up so easily?

    Back to baseball.

    Injury prone? In the minors? I’m not that familiar with his career I guess. Other than the injury at the begining of the year and getting hit in the head, but that isn’t injury prone, it’s bad luck.

  193. I think it’s all the sweating. Leads to muscle and ligament deterioration. At least that’s what Smitty’s barber told me.

    It’s been a while since Smoltz was DL’d, but that’s probably because we were eliminated in the first round last year. Remember, his shoulder was torn up.

  194. Contradictory sarcasm, huh? It’s clear that my initial impressions of your comprehension skills were accurate.


    No, I guess you haven’t paid much attention to his career. He missed, like, a whole year with a mysterious shoulder injury. And his hamstrings are always tender.

  195. Yeah, the sweating is troubling. He might have a thyroid condition or something. It must make gripping the ball problematic.

  196. Sweating? Well then Thompson needs to be traded immediately, before he melts completely.

  197. Seems like he’s good for about a month every year. Remember at the beginning of this season when everybody was so thankful that we hadn’t traded him for Craig Wilson? That seems like a lifetime ago.

  198. My bad, I thought we were still talking about HoRam.

    And I can always count on Stuey to correct me. I wish your name was Paul. I would name you “pedantic paul”.

  199. This may not work at all, but I remember hearing that Hampton would technically be ready to pitch in August/September. Any chance they’ll put him to work with our starting rotation as shaky as it is?

  200. This blog provides a lot of entertainment sometimes…No I’m not trying to get the last word

    Back to Baseball

    If we don’t sign Andruw in the offseason and trade for something like Lester, Crisp, and prospect…
    We may have a rotation of Smoltz, Hampton, (healthy)Hudson, Lester, Davies
    That would be sweet!
    Then if we could move Giles for the Duke and sign Wickman or Baez, our bullpen…
    Dustou…(can’t spell)
    James or fill in the blank

  201. I like the fact that Mike Hampton is a battler, and tries hard in the field, and hits better than our RF. However, his K rate has been declining, he gives up comfortably more than a hit an inning, and his control is only OK; other than him being better than Jorge Sosa, he just isn’t going to be any saviour for our starters

  202. No, you’re uncreative and unoriginal, Lando!


    Josh, I don’t think there’s any way that the Red Sox will include Lester in a deal for Andruw. Also, I’m kind of glad that we didn’t make that trade, now that it appears that Andruw was going to be shipped to Houston for Roy Oswalt. I really don’t want to face Andruw once he leaves us.

  203. “now that it appears that Andruw was going to be shipped to Houston for Roy Oswalt. ”

    Stu, where did you see this?

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