– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Marlins

Yet another blowout — the Braves have now played four in a row, winning three. I guess this is what it’s like to be the Yankees. The Braves have now scored more runs than they’ve given up and hence have a better than .500 Pythagorean record, but teams with no bullpen often wind up finishing a lot lower than they “should”.

The Braves doubled Dontrelle Willis to death. Renteria’s in the first didn’t go anywhere, but Francoeur’s in the second led to the first run of the game. In the third, they got six runs and finally chased Willis, getting doubles from Andruw and Pratt.

Hudson shut down the Marlins for six innings (no need to stretch it, and he’s not working all that efficiently) allowing just a solo homer in the fifth. Paronto, Ray, and Villareal each pitched one inning to finish it out. Even though they did pretty well, it’s still not a very heartening sight.

All the Braves’ position starters had at least one hit. Matt Diaz was the star, going 5-5 and raising his average to .349. Everybody scored a run except the leadoff man and everyone drove in one except the third-place hitter. Go figure. The Braves had no homers but six doubles and 18 hits.

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