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  1. I’m interested that he gives Brayan Pena a C+, given what many people have said on this board, particularly JC–a singles hitter with no defense and no power. That description makes him sound less like a prospect and more like a warm body.

    But I don’t actually follow the minor leagues, just John Sickels and this site, so I don’t actually know what’s going on; I just know what other people have to say about it.

  2. Pena isn’t totally a singles hitter. He walks a little — not a lot, but more than most catchers — runs well, and hits some doubles. He had a .383 OBP/.415 SLG last year, coming off of .349/.401 in 2004. If he’s really a .300 hitter — and I don’t see any evidence that he’s not, considering minor league BAs the last three seasons of .294, .314, and .326 — he’d be a valuable hitter even with only two homers a year. The problem is that he doesn’t seem able to throw at all. If he can just get that up to below-average, he should have a career.

  3. Well, Mac, we all know John loves Chuck James. I am pretty sure McBride is low on his list because of Macay’s stats in the minor (while his major league stats are rather immaterial – only 14 innings – in his standard). The ranking on Lewew is indeed pretty low, maybe he is not impressed by his high hit-allowed rate and his low K-rate for being a power pitcher.

    The following link to the baseball cube has the stats on Max Ramirez, and they look pretty good for a young catcher.


    Brayan Pena…I consider him another Johnny Estrada without the defensive skills.

  4. Ok, three in the roll. Below is a link to an article on Marte by Akron Beacon Journal:


    One part of the article which I find interesting:

    “The Braves believe that Marte is ready to play in the majors right now. They said he would have platooned at first base with Adam LaRoche.

    ‘He can play first, and maybe a little outfield,’ Moore said. ‘But he’s really a third baseman. I don’t think you want to move him around.'”

  5. Surprises me you haven’t heard of Max Ramirez. He was co player of the year with Campbell in the GCL this year. Was second to only Cambpell in nearly every offensive category in the league save maybe batting avg which i think he led the league in. He was as first baseman last year in the GCL and then came out as a catcher this year. BA says he is ticketed for Low A next year to handle the young arms there. They also say he has good athletic ability which allowed him to adjust to Catching quite well and led to throwing out 30 some odd % even though his arm is below avg. Just thought i would chime in

  6. kc, I believe you’re looking for the expression “in a row” … like “three in a row” or “four in a row.”

  7. I love seeing Matt Harrison on the list. I got to see him pitch quite a bit in Rome last year, and it seems every game I was at, he pitched deep into the game only to have it blown apart by Jason Paul. Harrison’s record should have been better. I liked Parr as well….he pitched tough. I’m also a huge Will Startup fan. Not only was he a very good reliever, but he was an outstanding individual. He spent tons of time before and after games signing stuff for kids and talking with fans. His character seems in line with Murphy and Francoeur, and I’m not exaggerating. I guess I’m a little higher on that group of pitchers because I watched them all summer (15 or 20 games probably). Brandon Jones was quite good, too, and I’m a professed Escobar fan, so there.
    I’m really looking forward to this new group in Rome this year…..I figure Campbell, Andrus, Max Ramirez, Beau Jones, and Jairo Cuevas will all be there, and that’s a strong group. I bet they’ll take the SAL this year….
    There’s actually a picture of me and my daughter on the Rome Braves web site. When the flash player comes up, the first picture is of Brian Jordan signing autographs. The dark haired girl with her chin in her hands is my daughter, and that’s my skinny arm reaching down beside her. The full version is hanging in the restraunt at the stadium in Rome if you ever have the chance to go. Yes, I know….that makes the trip worth while!

  8. And PS to Kyle S from the other thread….I’d upload the pics from the Hot Stove thing if I knew where or how, although I don’t know how interesting they’d be to people…..it’s my kid and the players, you know? I like them, though!

  9. Interesting that Brandon Jones is the only outfielder. Probably 2007 before he gets a chance. Hope Langerhans continues to improve.

  10. It is an interesting list. Braves fans should feel good that 6 of the names were added to the organization last year. I think that it illustrates that the Braves can quickly restock.

    Max Ramirez is finally getting the recognition that he deserved–Sickels got scolded for leaving him off in the fall. Ramirez not only had a great year at the plate, but did so while learning to catch. That said, I really do not see why Joey Devine is #4. The other one is that comes to mind is Jake Stevens. Despite dreadful numbers he comes in at #13. I am glad to see that John Sickels still gives him a bright future.

  11. I’ve been a Maximiliano fan for alittle while. Hes ripped up all the rookie leagues, played 3b and C.
    Now for full season ball.

  12. Chris Paul is an (explitive) who punches opponents in the nuts.

    No thats not a joke. He really did that on natl TV

  13. Jairo Cuevas is way too high. Matt Harrison is too low. Andrus is probably too high; I realize he’s got a lot of potential, but let’s see the kid get 200 ABs in a full season league first, k?

    My list would probably be:

    1. Salty
    2. James
    3. Lerew
    4. Campbell
    5. Brandon Jones
    6. Devine
    7. Andrus
    8. Prado
    9. Ramirez
    10. Escobar
    11. Harrison

  14. I like your list, Kyle S, but I’d boot out Prado and put Startup back in! I’d also move Escobar higher up in the list….
    1. Salty
    2. James
    3. Lerew
    4. Campbell
    5. Brandon Jones
    6. Devine
    7. Escobar
    8. Startup
    9. Andrus
    10. Ramirez
    11. Harrison
    I might even bump Andrus out for Parr until, as you say, Andrus plays a whole season.
    Dan Smith was also good in Rome, not as good at Myrtle Beach. I’m interested to see how his year shakes out in 06. He dominated in Rome, as I recall.

  15. I hope next year the Hawks draft a swing man. They need another young guy at that postion, you know to compliment the other 7.

  16. Although all I really know about him are his stats from 66 games at Danville last year, Eric Campbell really excites me. They’re pretty awesome, just needs to work on K/BB ratio, but there’s plenty of time for that. Looking at those numbers really helped me get over the Marte trade (though I do realize it’s just 1 yr at rookie ball). Plus the timing will work out better (than with Marte) with Chipper probably being close to done by the time Campbell is ready. Though I don’t like to think about that. :(

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