2 thoughts on “It wasn’t going very well anyway”

  1. At this point, McCarthy’s got very little future with the Braves. With Johnson, Francouer, and Langerhans all at the major league level already, his opportunity may have passed. Unfortunately, if he’s out for the rest of the year, he’s got little likelyhood to be valuable as a trade chit, either, since his season wasn’t very good. That’s too bad both for him and for the Braves.

  2. His window probably passed when Jordan got hurt and he wasn’t able to take the spot. As long as the Braves had the two lefthanders starting in the corners, he had a shot as a fourth outfielder/platoon player. But now Francoeur’s up and doing well enough that he’s probably got an open spot at a regular job next year (probably with Langerhans getting kicked to the fourth OF spot or being traded) so that opportunity is gone.

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