It’s a reunion!

2002 Detroit Tigers Statistics –

Note that the “ace” of the Tigers’ staff that year (after Jeff Weaver was traded) was tonight’s Pirates starter. Adam Bernero was a swingman, and was horrible. Greisinger, when he pitched, was almost exactly as bad.

“Hitters” for that team included Robert Fick (the token All-Star), George Lombard, and Randall Simon.

They lost 106 games. And things would get worse.

9 thoughts on “It’s a reunion!”

  1. I don’s see why the braves don’t call up Chuck James to start. I guess it’s because he is only in AA and started out in A. If you can pitch in AA you should be able to pitch in the bigs… and he is pitching his ass off there. As a bonus he is a lefty like Hampton.

  2. James has been a stud at the 4 clubs he has pitched at. His strike out to walk ratio is great. He should be in Richmond or hopefully Atlanta by midseason. And yes, why not give him a shot? He is 24 and is overwhelming the batters he faces,

  3. Speaking of the Tigers, they have now had two grand salamis hit off them by the O’s. 13-7. That’s what I call offense and spirit. Maybe the Braves should call and ask for lessons.

  4. Mac-
    I thought you and anyone else who read your insightful posts about the draft might find this interesting. This explains everything about the Phillies except for thier inability to win. What do you think about the notion that college and highschool picks basically even out? Be sure to open the “Boom or Bust” chart graphic.

  5. Nats. Always the team that looks worse on paper, as they’re usually less capable of hot streaks (though perhaps not at the moment…).

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