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I only mention this for one of the last comments, that the A’s are “reportedly” interested in Marrero or Thomas in the putative Hudson deal. I didn’t think of Marrero, but his flexibility might be a big plus for the A’s. I don’t know about Thomas in such a situation, but they may think he’s for real.

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  1. I would not trade C. Thomas. He’s very fast, good defensive ability and hits fairly well. I think he’s able to have an excellent future with the Braves.

  2. I would trade Chuckie in a heartbeat. Sadly, I doubt anyone wants him, despite his speed and defense. Hell, maybe I’m wrong and his defensive value outweighs his offensive problems. I doubt it, but I’ve certainly been wrong before.

  3. I think the year he had shows a lot of potential. Whether or not he can sustain that or improve upon it, I don’t know. But it seems to me there would be a number of teams that would take him.

  4. I think Chucky T has some value, but I doubt that he has any appeal to the A’s. He just does not fit their mold. Marrero, however, would be welcomed into the Beane fold with open arms. The Braves would do well to trade Green and Thomas while they can capitalize on their rookie seasons before the house of cards collapses, but I thinnk they will have to take advantage of one of the dumber GM’s out there, such as Kenny Williams (CHX) or Joe Gariagiola (AZ). It would be nice to actually trade replacement-level players for prospects or a solid RF.

  5. Someone posted it on the message board…said they got it from an “atlanta journalist column.”

  6. That’s a great deal if a) it’s true, and b) we sign Hudson to a long contract extension. For a 1 year rental, I’d rather just hang on to Meyer. Meyer and Cruz will be very close to saving the same amount of runs above average as Hudson + replacement level pitcher.

    Billy Beane is a crafty one. But why would he want Betemit?

  7. Betemit still has potential. He’s stinking up winter ball, but he had a solid ’04 season. My only actual observation is that he looks like a ballplayer. Not very analytical,I know, but he looks confident at the plate. I wouldn’t be suprised if he puts together a decent major league career somewhere.

  8. I’d be pretty happy with a Hudson for Betemit/Meyers/Cruz deal. But if it happened we better actually make an effort to bring him bck instead of just cutting ties and moving on like we usually do after rentals are up. We would also need to find some bullpen help.

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