JS Online: Brewers trade Kolb to Atlanta

Apparently it’s Danny Kolb to the Braves, Jose Capellan to the Brewers. This is basically the same trade as last year brought Chr*s R**tsm* to Atlanta — trading pitching prospects for another team’s closer coming off a big save season. Almost exactly the same, except for the timing. Kolb’s a good pitcher, but he’s a command-and-control type like R**tsm* (theoretically) rather than a blow-them-away guy. Last year, Kolb threw 57 1/3 innings and only struck out 21, walking 15; those are practically Gryboski numbers. I don’t know if Capellan will be a star, or even a major leaguer, but they just traded a guy who throws 101 MPH for a guy with 110 strikeouts in 177 2/3 career innings.

Similar pitchers to Kolb through Age 29:

# Doug Henry (979)
# Joe Boever (972)
# Bill Wilson (971)
# Lance Carter (967)
# Roy Thomas (962)
# Julio Navarro (961)
# Dave Tobik (960)
# Fred Lasher (960)
# Daryl Patterson (958)
# Nellie King (957)

Ugh. You never want to see the B-word come up in a closer context.