Why, God, Why?

Wise gets call-up; Colon sent down

What sins have I committed that you inflict Travis Smith on me once again? Betemit and Wise, too, for that matter, but they might actually have some utility. But Travis Smith? Some of those home runs still haven’t landed.

Jesse Garcia was released over the weekend. So at least that’s over with. Can we stop pretending that he was anything more than a random replacement-level player?

4 thoughts on “Why, God, Why?”

  1. You’ve made one too many jokes at the expense of the Gators and Steve Spurrier.

    Repent now, sinner.

  2. I don’t particularly like Garcia as a player, but I think we all have to roll the odometer back to April to remember why he’s on this club in the first place.

    If DeRosa isn’t the starting 3B and is the utility guy instead, Jesse doesn’t even make the team, but they needed a second back-up at SS, thus Jesse.

    And Jesse is only a replacement level guy. If he’s the last guy on the bench on a good bench, he can contribute. Field a bit and run a bit. But when the last four guys on your bench are Hessman, Wise, Garcia, and Perez, you basically have (or had) four “25th guys.” I can forgive Eddie’s presence because he’s very good defensively and can hit a bit if given enough steady service. And Wise did develop as the season went on and now as the official “last guy on the bench,” I think he fills a role. But all four of those guys in one place at one time that isn’t labelled AAA can only mean trouble.

    One of the big upgrades through the season has been to the bench. Marrero has been out of this world. Thomas has been good. Chipper moving to 3B put DeRosa back on the bench, where he is contributing and Green looks ready to assume DeRosa’s mantle of plus utility guy once DeRo is non-tendered in the off-season (which I fully expect).

    It’s kind of odd how it all turned out. Green comes up for Jesse’s bereavement leave and then Marcus gets hurt. Jesse stinks up the joint and Green becomes the starting 2B. Weird set of events. I wonder if Jesse had been cut out of spring training and ended up in Richmond how that would have affected Green’s place in the line-up in Richmond. Long strange trip.

  3. Eddie is good defensively? Certainly not to my eye. Maybe compared to Estrada, but that isn’t saying too much.

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