Getaway Day

As I’d predicted, Alou gave Bonds the day off. Grissom as well, giving us the horrific sight of Michael Tucker, center fielder. Not to be outdone, Bobby has sat Chipper, Marcus, and Estrada.

11 thoughts on “Getaway Day”

  1. Grybowski has walked the bases loaded with a 1 run lead, Martin coming in to pitch to Tucker (who has all 3 RBIs for the Giants so far). Not sure why Bobby still puts this guy out there.

  2. Seriously, how bad is Gryboski? What in the world does Bobby Cox see in this guy? Gets two gift outs and still can’t throw a scoreless inning. Absolutely pathetic.

  3. Ah, the great Gryboski/Martin combo comes crashing back to earth. Will they fail enough to keep them from pitching in the postseason? Probably not.

  4. Braves win on opposite field hit by Andruw. Of course, there were reports that the critics of Andruw were unhappy that he didn’t hit a HR in that situation.

  5. Could be worse — you could have Ricky Ledee in the outfield. Or worse yet, at the plate.

  6. I was originally upset when Colon was brought up, not because I didn’t like him, but because he was replacing Tim Drew who wasn’t getting any use in the first place. Fortunately, Bobby is giving him a chance to see what he can do. Quite a few couple of days for the kid: got the best of Barry twice and picked up his first win.

  7. For some reason, Ledee scares me. He never actually seems to hurt the Braves, but I keep thinking he will. It’s probably because he used to be a Yankee.

    Still, how do you wind up with Michael Tucker playing center? I never liked him even playing right in Atlanta, and that was many years ago. Why is it that the A’s keep getting slammed for playing fantasy baseball and not paying attention to “little things” and defense, even though that’s clearly untrue, while across the Bay these guys can blunder their way to losses like this?

  8. Good points Mac on the “little things.” My response. I think Felipe Alou is the most overrated manager in the game right now. It seems he’s gotten nothing but sympathy because the Montreal franchise imploded financially while he was there and the media created this image of him as someone who would do better with a better team. Giants have done well under him, but I think he preaches “stupid” aggressiveness to the point that his teams play stupidly. Why he was running Cruz with nobody out and down three is beyond me.

    In his last few years in Montreal, his teams would do fairly well out of the gate, but they always seemed to fizzle by June. Some of that is talent. But I think the fact that he had those guys way too keyed-up all the time had something to do with it as well.

    I always thought Tucker was okay in RF. I just can never figure out why someone with such a picture perfect swing can’t hit any better than he does.

  9. I think you are being unfair to Alou. The Giants have Bonds and Schmidt and a bunch of guys named Joe and are in contention for the playoffs. He has to be doing something right. Meanwhile, the Cubs were supposed to waltz to the playoffs, but instead are fighting for their lives because of their inconsistency.

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