Atlanta 6 Colorado 5 – MLB – Recap

For awhile, this game was starting to look like Saturday’s game against the Dodgers. Russ Ortiz gave up four runs in the first (on a solo shot and a three-run job rather than a grand slam like Hampton did) and then the Braves kept stranding baserunners while only getting one across. It was 5-1 entering the sixth…

When the Braves broke loose for four runs, three of them with two out. The big blow was a two-run triple by Rafael Furcal, who then scored the tying run on a Giles double. Furcal had a huge game, going 4-4 with a double, triple, and a walk, driving in the two and scoring two.

Also having a huge game was Julio, who was 3-4 with a run scored and RBI. Bobby ran for him — with Mike Hampton! — in the seventh, and Hampton was driven in to score the winning run by Marrero, who was also 3-4.

Ortiz only went five, and needed 113 pitches to do it. There’s wild, and there’s six walks wild. Juan Cruz got in a little trouble in the sixth but got out of it with a double play. Martin and Gryboski pitched the seventh in tandem again, Gryboski getting the win. Reitsma loaded the bases with two out in the eighth but somehow didn’t allow a grand slam to Vinny Castilla. Smoltz allowed a leadoff single but held on for the win.

The Marlins won to stay 7 1/2 out, the Phillies lost to fall to ten back… John Thomson will pitch against rookie Jeff Francis tomorrow.

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  1. As an aside, Drew was out of the lineup after, and I’m swear I’m not making this up, hitting his head on a pipe in the dugout after batting practice.

    He evidently had a pretty nasty gash and required quite a few stitches.

  2. How about this for a scenario for next year? The Braves are getting Cruz ready to step into the rotation and will not resign Ortiz. That would leave a rotation of Ramirez, Cruz, Wright (assuming they resign him which seems likely), Thompson, and Byrd. (I bet they would love to get rid of Hampton but I don’t see how that’s possible). The rotation would be younger and cheaper and, if Cruz harnesses his talent, he would give the Braves the power pitcher they have lacked since Smoltz went to the bullpen. It would also free up money to try to resign Drew.

  3. I would imagine that Jose Capellan or Dan Meyer would be a more likely candidate than Juan Cruz. But that’s just me.

  4. I don’t see Wright returning, unless he wants to take less to stay with the Braves. JS might sign a free agent pitcher, but why sign Wright for a high price when you can pull a cheap pitcher off the scrap heat and turn him into Wright?

  5. If someone told me a year ago that we would be wondering whether or not the Braves could afford to sign Jaret Wright….

    Trying to read the minds of the penny-pinchers: I keep hearing that Ortiz is gone after this season, so maybe they use the money to sign Wright. If they resign Byrd, I’m thinking he’ll have to take a pay cut of, oh, $6 million or so. I wouldn’t do it, but say they do. Hampton will be here–there’s nothing we can do about it.

    Smoltz’s option will likely vest, which seems a perfect situation to accede to his wishes and make him a starter. It’ll be his last year as a Brave, so we might as well tax his elbow to its limit, especially as that’s what Smoltz wants to do. So here’s my idea:

    2005 Rotation


    A battle royale for the 5th slot. If Meyer or Capellan win, make Cruz the closer and send the “loser” to Richmond with the hope that he’ll be ready sooner than later. If Cruz wins, but Capellan shows he’s ready, make Capellan the closer. Thoughts?

  6. Whoops, forgot about Hampton….how about “long reliever ready to step in when an elbow shreds”?

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