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It keeps coming up, though. Everyone says that the Braves are interested in trading for Larry Walker. Leaving aside the “why?”, the “how?” is the real question. They say they aren’t adding payroll, and Walker is owed $18 million on a contract that runs through next season. Walker did play some first base early in his career, for what that’s worth.

5 thoughts on “This really makes no sense”

  1. Yeah, have to agree it makes no sense, although it did make more sense a month ago. I get the feelign that JS doesn’t think Eli and Thomas can stay this hot, and we need another bat.

    But what are the Braves’ need? I think the offense is fine. I can handle Julio/Adam at first, particularly because we could even put Marrero there in the playoffs if he continues to hit .350 and Thomas continues to hit .377. I think we could definitely use some bullpen help, maybe a LOOGY. (Hoping for the return of Horace soon). We seem to have trouble getting through the 7th and 8th sometimes.

    Playoff starters today would be ????? Ortiz, Wright, Byrd?

  2. I *was* kind of hoping for a Hampton-to-the-pen move when Horace got back. But lately I’m inclined to see if Hampton continues his sudden reemergence. Anyone have any thoughts on Horacio out of the bullpen? Or would he replace Byrd in the rotation?

    I had great seats (row 9 behind home plate) for last night’s game, and Hampton seemed positively pumped-up. He seemed to get mad at allowing the dinger to Thome (I forgive him) and really brought it up a notch. Great vibe, great game. Had fun booing the Phillies fans who were cheering Thome’s HR.

  3. I think that this is Andruw for Walker. Walker is owed 6 for the remainder of this year 12.5 for next and a 1 mil option for 2006. Andruw is owed 45 for the remainder of this year thru 2007. I’ve posted before that I can’t understand why the Rockies would do this since they are already overpaying Preston Wilson but hey, stranger things have happened. From the Braves perspective they save around 25 mil when they pay Walker his option and let him go. I still think that the Braves are not really trying to trade the .264/.342/.494 hitter we all know and love but the guy everyone still thinks he can be. Can you imagine the sick numbers Ajones puts up in Coors?

  4. First of all, I just hope Horacio can get back and pitch effectively. As far as what to do with him, it’s the kind of problem you like to have. Not knowing nearly enough about the physical stresses of relieving vs. starting, I’d like to see if he could be a shut-down lefty side of a set-up platoon with Reitsma, barring any meltdowns from the starters.

    Unforunately, it seems as if the first we might possibly see from him will be in mid-August. Has anyone heard otherwise?

  5. Sure, Reitsma better than he’s pitched lately but does Juan Cruz have to start striking out *two* guys an inning to get some love?

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