Yes, batting average is overrated

Still, with Estrada getting his usual rest and Drew taking the day off for whatever reason, the Braves are sending out a 5-6-7 group of hitters hitting .191, .138, and .135. This is not good.

10 thoughts on “Yes, batting average is overrated”

  1. Skip just said on the air that Chipper has been working out at third as well as first. If he moves back to the infield full-time, the Braves would have to trade for an every-day left fielder, wouldn’t they? Or do Hessman, Marrero and Wise form an all-dreg platoon out there? Perhaps Green stays at second and Giles goes to left …

  2. I think it’s interesting that Jesse GarcŪa is playing third tonight. As for a left-field platoon, you could add DeRosa’s name as well.

    By the way, the correct spelling is Caminiti. I got it wrong in my last post.

  3. Maybe Bobby figured that with the AAA starter going, we should just concede the game. Jesse Garcia at third? Hessman in left? Eddie Perez hitting 5th? Wow.

    On the positive side, at least we aren’t leaving players with actual talent on the bench. In Pittsburgh, Jason Bay has a major league OPS over 800 plus amazing minor league numbers, but Lloyd McClendon left him and JJ Davis on the bench in favor of Randall Simon and Tike Redman. Yikes.

  4. The good news is that Eddie is now above the Mendoza Line. The bad news is that Marrero and Hessman are now hitting .133 and .130 respectively. Any bets on how low they can go?

  5. Yeah, Bobby just has a knack for keeping a bunch of regulars out of the lineup at the same time that can really be frustrating at times. I mean, isn’t a game against maybe your toughest rival more important than Estrada’s stupid ‘catching rotation’?

  6. The amazing thing is that this is about the third or fourth time this year they’ve had the R-Braves represented more than the A-Braves.

  7. I still think that Hampton should play first base against LHP. He sure can’t pitch these days.

  8. By the way, can the Braves screw over Macay McBride any worse? After struggling at the start of the season, they take him out of the starting rotation just as he was getting his head on straight, and he’s come out of the bullpen for two very short stints. Poor kid. And Capellan is getting hit much harder, though he’s still whiffing guys at a good rate. At least Byrd’s rehab seems to be going okay.

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