Is it wrong that, whatever its lease issues and supposed unsuitability for baseball, I really love watching games at Pro Player Stadium? Not at many parks anymore are you going to see many triples to center. For that matter, Pierre’s triple earlier might have been an inside-the-park homer if he’d pushed it or if Drew hadn’t gotten over as quickly as he did. I like the big parks, I do.

No recap tonight; should be up around 9 or 930 CT tomorrow morning. I need my sleep.

3 thoughts on “Confession”

  1. And then Drew had an inside-the-parker.. which I guess was because of an error but still he touched them all and didn’t hit it out.

  2. Mac, your big park comment is interesting. I think that if I’m building a new ball park I build it to favor pitching. I think that somewhere I read where teams in the last decade that have had pitchers parks have had more success than those who have built hitters parks. Speaking of cool plays how about DeWayne Wise’s hustle to get the down the line hit to nail Juan Pierre at second. The guys an athelete. If only he could hit or draw a couple of walks.

  3. I thought Drew’s in the park homer was great, but it might be important to remember that he reached home because of an error. Officially, it was ruled a triple and an error. But hey, works for the Braves either way.

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