– MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets – 09/03/2003

Do the Braves realize that they haven’t actually won anything yet? I know that the conditions weren’t great, but they’re playing like it’s early spring training and were swept by the Mets for the first time since 1990. They committed four errors — Vinny’s in the second started the Mets on their way to a three-run inning — and never mounted a serious rally threat. Their runs came on a solo homer by Chipper in the second and a two-run shot by Javy in the ninth. By the middle innings, Bobby was pulling regulars to put the Braggs and Garcias and Langerhanses of the world into the game.

Russ Ortiz, “Cy Young Candidate”, gave up six runs, and though three were unearned he pitched very poorly. Yes, he only allowed six hits and two walks in five innings, but he was behind in the count all day, which is usually going to lead to getting slammed. If there were any doubt that he had given up, Bobby put Roberto Hernandez in to pitch the seventh.

Robert Fick’s horrible slump continued with an 0-4, and he was at the plate to end the game… The Phillies are winning, for what it’s worth. The Braves have tomorrow off, then the Pirates and Phillies in Atlanta for four each, a double header with Pittsburgh on Friday. It’s now highly unlikely that the Braves will clinch in Atlanta. I will guess in Montreal, Sept 15-17. Though if they keep playing like this they’ll have a shot at being the first team to blow a 14-game lead in a month.