The “B” word – MLB – Power Alley

Somebody explain to me how the Braves can have a record three (now four) games better than the Giants week after week, neither team playing better than the other of late, and yet the Giants are always #1 in this ranking? I could also mention how they seemingly “forget” to do an update any week when the Giants are reeling a bit and they’d almost have to rank the Braves first. I’m just saying.

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  1. I have noticed that too. When the Giants made the trade for Ponson, they jumped back up top and haven’t dropped since. The Braves have picked up 2 games on them since then yet can’t move up. I also noticed the same thing about updating the rankings. The Braves roll off 5 or 6 wins in a row, they still make comments about the pitching and leave them 2nd or 3rd. What gives?

  2. I have been thinking the exact same thing Mac. Ever since the Ponson trade, the Giants are everyone’s favorite to win the NL, with the main reason being their “great pitching”.

    Well, thier bullpen may be better, but I imagine our starters stack up against theirs pretty well, if not better, in a slot for slot comparison.

    I also hear our offense is pretty good.

  3. Not to mention, the Braves did take 2 of 3 in their only meeting of the season. We’ve got an important 4 game set with Barry & Co next week. Go Bravos!

  4. And none of the other top 8 have anything negative in their comments. I’ve noticed this for a while. It happens whenever national sporting news talks about the Braves. If they aren’t 162-0 then they’re failing…

  5. The ESPN Power Alley is easily the dumbest thing ever. I’ve never seen it actually be insightful or interesting. Maybe it’s better that they dump on the Braves, reverse jinx or something. And does anyone actually think Pujols will get close to 56? Morons.

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