Atlanta 6, New York 3 – MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets – 07/09/2003

BWHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. The Braves finished off the sweep, beating the Mets and poor (well, not financially speaking) Tom Glavine. (The Mets are now 19 games back. Ha Ha!) Tommy gave up three runs in the first on back-to-back Jones singles and a sac fly from Javy. He looked like he’d finally found himself after that (looked like — he was getting outs but all on balls in play, didn’t strike anyone out in the game) but Julio Franco hit a two-run homer in the sixth and soon after Glavine was gone. Franco has two homers this year, both off Tom.

Group effort from the Braves, who had nine hits and five walks. Sheffield seemed to hurt his wrist on a slide in the second, and didn’t swing at all his next two ABs (still drawing a walk), but doubled to drive in Giles in the eighth, plus he didn’t give way to Bragg defensively, so he’s probably okay. In time-honored fashion, Marcus had three hits yesterday so started today on the bench. He had the double as a pinch-hitter then stayed on for defense. Who’d have thought even in spring that Marcus’ glove would be a plus?

“All-Star” Russ Ortiz got his twelfth win, pitching his usual pretty-good baseball for 7 1/3, though he seemed to tire late. Only four strikeouts (nobody in this rotation strikes anyone out, it drives me nuts) but good control. You take what you can get. After the rain delay, Ray King allowed a run-scoring hit and then Gryboski bravely allowed a line drive to strike him, deflecting it to DeRosa for a double play. It’s not my imagination that Gryboski gets lots of liners hit at him, is it? After the danger was past, John Smoltz had his 34th save.

The Braves have four in Wrigley, then seven of them will move to the South Side for the All-Star game.

5 thoughts on “Atlanta 6, New York 3”

  1. I wonder if they may be shopping Mark deRosa. He’s gotten a lot of playing time of late, but unfortunately hasn’t done much with it. It’s the only way I can fathom Marcus sitting today, for instance.

  2. Bobby seems to use DeRosa like a backup catcher in that he starts every day game after a night game. Sunday he spelled Vinny, today it was Giles. I don’t think it is showcasing as much as trying to keep him sharp and giving the regulars some afternoons off. The keeping him sharp part of the equation hasn’t worked as he hasn’t hit a lick all year, but I like the idea of giving the infielders a day off now and then.

  3. What i love about Ortiz is that he pitches with such consistency. as you say, it’s usually just “pretty good” — he rarely if ever turns in a game that just amazes. But he also never has a horrible outing. For a team with a good offense (he has had great fortune to be on two), that is really all you can ask of your starter: keep the team in the game, give us a chance to win.

    And Ortiz, to his credit, does that every time out. It’s why he has 12 wins and is in the all star game (and might even start?). I’ll take that over 2003 Greg Maddux’s “might go seven shutout innings, might give up seven runs in the first three” inconsistency any season.

  4. has Win Shares through July 2; Marcus is second in the league in defensive Win Shares at second base — pretty impressive.

  5. I’ve lived in Atlanta since 1984. I was a BIG braves fan back in the 80’s Dale Murphy being my favorite player, but its just GREAT i mean GREAT to see Tom Glavine fail as a met. I hope he doesnt get 10 wins this year. Tommy had a home in atlanta and now he is paying the price. Go ahead tommy and blame the cameras.

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