6 thoughts on “You think I’m mean to Lockhart”

  1. Let’s just try and see this from the Pa-dregs point of view…..

    Scout: ” Hmmm, I see that Keith Lockhart’s available…”
    GM: ” Lockhart…was he the kid in that old Lassie show?”
    Scout: “Nah, you’re thinking of June Lockhart…she played the mother on the show.”
    GM: ” Who’s this guy you’re talking about?”
    Scout: ” Keith Lockhart….played second for the Braves too often last year. Decent fielder, had a couple of clutch hits, hit his weight….Bobby Cox loves the guy!”
    GM: “Cox loves him? Ha ha ha! That means the guy had some pictures or something…”
    Scout: “I heard that! Uh, whadda ya think?”
    GM: ” What do I think? What do you think? You’re the scout!”
    Scout: “After looking at all of his numbers, I think it’s safe to say we’d never be disappointed by the guy…”
    GM: “OK, give him a minor league deal…”

  2. Lets remember something. Keith Lockhart is a really outstanding human being. It would be nice if we could confine our critism to his baseball abilites. Which I will admit did not meaure up at all. Instead of taking a spot on the Braves major league roster the last couple of years he should have been a roving infield instructor at the Rookie and A ball level.

  3. Funny stuff, Fred, but you overlooked the fact that Lockhart got a MAJOR LEAGUE contract, not a minor league deal and an invitation to camp as an NRI. That makes this all the more dumbfounding.

  4. My mistake. Turns out it was a minor league deal. I got bad information somewhere. Maybe the way Karhl phrased it threw me. I’m just glad Lockhart’s someone else’s problem now.

  5. The only shots at Locky I see here are about his baseball abilities. (Or lack thereof.) As for Lockhart being a really outstanding human being, I can’t offer anything personally to substantiate that. I don’t know him. I’m willing to let him be really out standing on someone else’s infield, though. Good luck with the Pa-dregs, Locky…you’ll both need lots of it!

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