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Kali era over

Braves trade reliever Yates to Pirates | ajc.com For Todd Redmond, a righthanded control pitcher. Redmond doesn’t seem to be anything, but Yates was out of options and the Braves really couldn’t afford to keep him...

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Braves get Infantile

Cubs trade IF Infante to Braves – MLB – Yahoo! Sports Anyway, Jose Ascanio out, Will Ohman and Omar Infante in. Ohman is a pure LOOGY, last year appearing in 56 games but for only 36 1/3 innings. His ERA was a hefty...

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Vulture Era Over

The Official Site of Atlanta Braves: Official Info: Press Release: Braves acquire outfielder Josh Anderson from Houston I don’t really get this one. The Braves traded Villarreal straight-up for Anderson, who is your basic...

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Renteria traded

Braves trade SS Renteria to Tigers | ajc.com Well, that clears up that logjam. The Braves sent Renteria and some amount of money to Detroit for two prospects at positions of need. Jair Jurrjens, or the J-Man, as I intend to call...

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Mac goes nuts

Leading from comments on the last post… In all of the trades which John Schuerholz has made, probably the one that seems most clearly indefensible was on March 27, 1997: Traded Jermaine Dye and Jamie Walker to the Kansas...

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Teixeira trade finalized, probably

Teixeira trade finalized with Rangers | ajc.com I don’t report these things until DOB or Peanut do, but it appears to be all done but the paperwork. (Peanut weighs in here.) It’s a whole lot. The deal would include...

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Braves trade LaRoche to Pirates | ajc.com The return is Mike Gonzalez and another, unnamed player. Well, he has a name, we just don’t know what it is. Hopefully it is a pitcher and not the likely-useless Chris Duffy....

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Atlanta Braves : News : Atlanta Braves News I’m not opposed to trading Saltalamacchia or Escobar; the latter, I’m pretty sure, is at the peak of his value. (I don’t think he has the power to be a good regular...

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Horacio Era Over

Braves trade Ramirez for solid set-up man | ajc.com I think this is a great deal, but then if I were running the Braves I would have been tempted to non-tender Horacio if I couldn’t deal him. Not that Horacio is actually a...

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Kim Jong-Il turned into newt

Braves send pitcher Jorge Sosa to Cardinals The return for the man who — lest we forget — led the NL in winning percentage last year is “Rich Scalamandre”, a 25-year-old righthanded reliever with some...

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Brilliant Predictions

“Wilson Betemit isn’t going to get traded for relief pitching.” No, he was traded for relief pitching and an infielder and cash. The Dodgers win the Betemit sweepstakes, giving up Danys Baez, Willy Aybar, and...

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Bob Wickman’s career all but over

cleveland.com: Weblogs It appears that the Braves have traded for him, and he will go into the Closer Vortex, whence he will be able to escape with, at most, a minor league deal with a spring training invite. Catching prospect...

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Blowing up the team (Group 1)

First off, I don’t think that they will trade Hudson or Andruw.  I think they’ll also try to sign Andruw to an extension this offseason, but will fail, and if they fall out of contention next year they’ll...

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Rosenthal: Still goofy

FOXSports.com – MLB- These off-season issues have lingered The Braves. Still without a closer, they likely will trade for another reliever, probably a hard-throwing youngster, by Opening Day. Um… Ken… I’m...

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