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Weird stats

If you’re like me — well, then, I’m sorry — but you like weird stat lines. Here’s one. Pete Rose, 1980: 42 doubles, one triple, one homer. He’s the only player in major league history with a...

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Andruw, a postmortem

Well, he’s not dead. Atlanta Braves Batting Leaders – Baseball-Reference.com Assuming that he never plays for the Braves again (he could come back at the end of his career, for example, or something crazy could...

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KJ – The Splits

Kelly Johnson 2007 Batting Splits – Baseball-Reference PI 1. Most hitters hit better when they get ahead in the count, but it’s particularly dramatic in Johnson’s case. For instance, ahead in the count 2-0,...

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Andruw: The Splits

Andruw Jones 2007 Batting Splits – Baseball-Reference PI 1. He’s sucked at home, he’s sucked on the road. He sucked in the first half, he sucked in the second half. He’s sucked against lefties, he’s...

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Francoeur: The Splits

Jeff Francoeur 2007 Batting Splits – Baseball-Reference PI 1. The most dramatic split, to me, though I don’t know what it means, is between power and finesse pitchers. Francoeur has been pretty useless against power...

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Yunel: the splits

Yunel Escobar 2007 Batting Splits – Baseball-Reference PI 1. I criticized Escobar for being all batting average and nothing else earlier this year. That hasn’t been the case so much as the season has moved along....

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Don’t Walk

This was a comment on today’s recap, but it was interesting enough that I’ve made it into its own post… What’s odd about Jeff Francoeur is that serious power, 30-40 HR power, generally comes with a lot of...

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Stats so far

Atlanta Braves : Sortable Player Stats Wilson Betemit and Matt Diaz are tearing up the Grapefruit League. Wilson’s hitting .464/.483/.607; Diaz is hitting .462/.462/.769. I predicted that Betemit would be good in spring...

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Closers and strikeouts

Just a brief note… Of the top thirty men on the all-time saves list (I don’t really like the saves statistic, but it’s a good way to sort out the guys who have been used in the closer role full-time) 28 are...

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List O’ The Weekend

Innings pitched, Atlanta Braves, 1991-2005 INNINGS PITCHED IP 1 Tom Glavine 2698.2 2 Greg Maddux 2526.2 3 John Smoltz 2426 4 Steve Avery 1123.1 5 Kevin Millwood 1004.1 6 Denny Neagle 482.1 7 Kent Mercker 480 8 Horacio Ramirez...

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List O’ The Day 3

Offensive winning percentages, Major League first basemen, 2004-05 (min. 500 PA) OWP OWP 1 Albert Pujols .769 2 Todd Helton .736 3 Derrek Lee .697 4 Lance Berkman .690 5 Carlos Delgado .676 6 Mark Teixeira .667 7 Jason Giambi...

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List O’ The Day 2

Career home runs by National League centerfielders: HOMERUNS HR 1 Willie Mays 660 2 Duke Snider 407 3 Dale Murphy 398 4 Andruw Jones 301 5 Jimmy Wynn 290 6 Steve Finley 280 7 Bobby Thomson 259 8 Cy Williams 251 9 Hack Wilson 244...

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Atlanta Braves leaders

Download file: Atlanta Offensive Leaderboard Career Top 50 in most major “counting stat” categories for offense, Atlanta Braves only; I will occasionally refer to this, mostly for Chipper but also for Andruw....

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List O’ The Day

Hits by shortstops, through the age of 29: HITS H 1 Alex Rodriguez 1901 2 Robin Yount 1856 3 George Davis 1723 4 Arky Vaughan 1709 5 Edgar Renteria 1595 6 Dick Bartell 1553 7 Cal Ripken 1552 8 Derek Jeter 1546 9 Joe Sewell 1516...

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