The Braves Rebuild: Outgoing vs. Incoming Value, Part 5: 2016-17 Offseason Trades

We’ve made it through the Hector Olivera trade and the Andrelton Simmons trade and yet, somehow the Braves are still in the positive in terms of production value. In today’s piece, “The Braves Rebuild, 2016-17 Offseason Trades”, the deals aren’t … Finish Reading

Decisions that Could Influence Trade Deadline for Atlanta Braves

Trade season is upon us and the Braves are going to be in the thick of rumors, especially of the pitching variety. It’s been widely speculated that Anthopoulos will be in the hunt for both starting and relief pitching. In … Finish Reading

Ryan’s 2019 Braves Midseason Top 30 Prospects

We heard from Snowshine yesterday on his top-30 prospects in the Braves system and now it’s my turn. Our top-10 looks quite similar (with one exception) but ranking 11-30 is a guessing game of evaluating talent that isn’t fully developed … Finish Reading