Use Markdown for Formatting

Markdown is a simple “language” used for formatting text. You can use it to make text bold or italicized and create inline links.

**Bold Text** creates Bold Text (use the asterisks)

*Italic Text* creates Italic Text (use the asterisks)

[Link Somewhere]( creates Link Somewhere

  • You can create a bullet list
  • Like this
  • By using “-“ for bullets
  • It will automatically format
  1. You can create a number list
  2. Like this
  3. By using “1.”, etc
  4. It will automatically format

You can create a block quote like this simply by beginning the paragraph with a “> “ (don’t forget the trailing space).

Link to and Embed Media

Embedding most media in comments is very simple. You don’t need to have special embed codes or have knowledge of HTML. Simply paste a link to the media on its own line in your comment.

As long as it’s supported by our site (virtually any image, all YouTube videos, Twitter links, and much more), it’ll display properly in your comment.

If you’d like to show a photo and don’t have a link to it (such as a photo you downloaded or have on your phone), simply upload it to any photo storage site and paste the public link. We recommend using IMGUR since it’s free and simple, but many services will work.

We used to have the option to upload comments with photos directly to the site; however, we were forced to remove that feature due to security concerns.