Month: August 2018

Miami 1, Cap Tippers 0

So, you’ll win a lot of games when your staff gives up only one run. Unfortunately, you’ll lose EVERY game when you score zero. As Our Heroes proved last night. Mike Foltynewicz pitched well enough to win. Six...

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Braves 5, Fish Zip

Our Braves are playing very good baseball lately. After a scoreless six inning outing by Sean Newcomb on Thursday night, Braves starters have given up 4 runs in the last 6 games. When Sean Newcomb is on, major league hitters do...

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Braves 6, Pirates 1

So, it turns out, if you can trade a few nice but not all that notable spare parts for this generation’s version of Young Andy Ashby, you probably should. Kevin Gausman continues to be the absolute gank heist of the...

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