Month: April 2015

Nationals 13, Bad News Braves 4

ESPN Box Score Following Tuesday night’s horrifics, a Skipism was fresh in my mind as today’s game started: “And like lambs to the slaughter, the Braves take the field.” You kind of get the feeling that...

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Nats 13, Braves 12

Seriously? I mean, seriously?!? I shut down the television and went upstairs when it was 10-2. I checked back and it was something like 10-6 and I thought “they shouldn’t let it get that close.” Then I went to...

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Come Monday: Braves 8, Gnats 4

Gettin’ back to Atlanta After ass whoop all over the place. Eric Stults is going to the mound, And depression seems to be our new face. I guess this team is meant for 90 losses. But Braves fans we couldn’t know, That...

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