How Big Is Home Field Advantage? Part 4: Batting Last (by JonathanF)

Note from Alex: The previous piece in this series, Part 3, was pre-empted by rumors about the Upton trade within hours of publication. I’m linking to it here, so that you can go back and read it.

I started … Finish Reading

Where Do We Go From Here? 2012.6 Free Agency and Trades (by W.C.G.)

In The Signal and the Noise, Nate Silver looked at several different fields of prediction to illustrate both the power and the limits of trying to peer into the future. Some fields, like meteorology, have progressed to the point … Finish Reading

How Big Is Home Field Advantage? Part Three (by JonathanF)

So… if travel doesn’t seem to do much, what about teams? Once we go to teams, we can no longer just look at home and road winning percentages, since those will depend greatly on how good the team was. Instead, … Finish Reading

How Big Is Home Field Advantage? Part Two (by JonathanF)

So what does the home field advantage in baseball look like? In my database of almost exactly 200,000 baseball games which didn’t end in ties, the home team won 54.7 percent. But road teams did really badly in the early … Finish Reading