Month: July 2011

Marlins 3, Braves 1

Box Score It’s tempting to say that Michael Bourn can’t get here fast enough, but the Braves did well on Bourn’s end, getting on base plenty of times with 13 hits, nearly twice as many as the Marlins, and Jose...

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Braves 5, Marlins 0

Box Score The Uggla Redemption continues. In the first inning, the Braves got singles from Prado and Freeman to bring Uggla up with runners first and third, one out. And he hit into a double play. After that, the Braves were...

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Sorry game thread

I’d like to apologize to everyone, especially David Ross, for not having a recap for you today, but a variety of hospital and computer issues have made it impossible. Good news is that I should get out tomorrow around...

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