Official insult-the-national-media thread

Alex tells me of listening to Rob Dibble (there was his first mistake!) on XM radio and hearing this:

1. The Braves can make a move for Mike Sweeney because they always have plenty of money.

2. The Braves are interested in Bret Boone to play second base. (This was before the Twins dealt for him.)

You have to admit, this is pretty stupid, even for Rob Dibble. But he is not alone. The comments would be a good place to insult Dibble and the rest of the national media. Extra points for Verducci and Kruk.

(Baseball Prospectus doesn’t count as national media and should be insulted in its normal place. Joe Morgan insults should stay in the Joe Morgan thread.)

UPDATE: I also added a poll. I used to do this a lot but I haven’t for awhile. (Read the rest to see the poll.)
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