Day: April 20, 2005

The Sky is Falling!

Last Year through 15 The 2005 are now 7-8 and 2 games back of the division leading Fish and Natspos. The 2004 Division Champs were 8-7 and three games behind a streaking Marlins club. That certainly doesn’t mean that this...

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Braves vs. Nats 4/20/05

Andruw waaaay down in the Braves lineup again Furcal, SS Giles, 2B Jones, 3B Estrada, C LaRoche, 1B Jordan, LF Jones, CF Mondesi, RF Ramirez, P Wilkerson CF Guzman, SS Vidro, 2B Guillen, RF Castilla, 3B Johnson, 1B Davis, LF...

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