Month: December 2004

Clarification clarification

Atlanta Braves News The press release says it’s a two-year deal with an option after all, so I guess the AJC was (horrors!) wrong. Well, they had a lot on their plate today. In comments, Brad Dowdy says it’s $6...

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Something interesting…

The Cub Reporter: Sunday and Monday at the Winter Meetings I’m kind of wired, as you might expect, so lots of updates, I guess. Anyway, Alex Ciepley says that if the Cubs don’t trade Kyle Farnsworth they might...

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Smoltz clarification

Smoltz signs two-year contract with Braves | The story that broke said that Smoltz signed an extension through 2006 with an option for 2007. That seemed so odd that I originally typed that it was through 2007 with an...

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Looking ahead

The Braves have really overhauled their pitching staff from the end of last season. John Thomson and Mike Hampton are the only starters left, and Hampton may be on his way out. The closer is now in the rotation, Alfonseca (who...

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Marrero to Royals

Atlanta Braves News I saw someone post that on the message board but I didn’t believe it. He was right. Eli Marrero has been traded to the Royals for someone named “Jorge Vazquez”, a minor-league closer. The...

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