Month: December 2004

Narrowing it down

Assumptions: 1. Langerhans is in right field, either every day or in a platoon arrangement with McCarthy/Some Guy. 2. Francoeur doesn’t fool the Braves into putting him on the roster by beating up on fastballs in spring...

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Another day, another deadline

Today’s the deadline to tender contracts. It’s not getting much press attention, but it’s a big day, especially for a team like the Braves hoping to find some relatively cheap help. Two years ago, the Tigers...

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Don’t hold back, Rob

Rob Neyer – Rob and Rany It’s been a while since I’ve had to say this, but I think our friend Allard screwed the pooch this time. Pulled a stinker. Threw a bunch of cash into a giant sink-hole… The problem is the...

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Karl Ravech, clown

Where was this guy the last four days? I’m watching Sportscenter, and he’s talking about how the Braves getting Hudson was a “surprise” and how “nobody had talked about the Braves” dealing for...

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