Month: November 2004

Wright update

Around the Majors: Rumors — The Hardball Times The Mariners? Well, if you want to lose, I suppose you can lose in style. Actually, I always had them pegged as the sort of team that would overpay for Ortiz, but seemingly...

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I’m sorry, I think some legitimate comments just got deleted when I was flushing some spam out. So if your comment is gone, it’s not you, it’s me. Sorry.

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Posturing, blah blah blah

Agent: Wright too pricey for Braves | Jaret Wright’s agent says that the Braves won’t have enough money to afford his client. Yeah, except that the only teams that are going to give him much more are the...

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**No Pepper**: 40-Man Roster Finalized The Braves left James Jurries off the 40-man roster, leaving him exposed to the Rule 5 draft — say hi to Billy Beane, Jimmy — and kept Mike Hessman. What?!? Andy Marte is now on...

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I didn’t notice this until today

Atlanta Braves News: Sutton returning to booth Don Sutton will be back in the booth for 2005 after all. What they’re going to do with five broadcasters is anybody’s guess. Skip may be handing things over to Chip on a...

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