Day: July 2, 2004

Joe Simpson has gone bananas!

Yeah, let’s walk a righthanded batter to load the bases so your righthanded pitcher can pitch to a switch-hitter. With two out. I like Joe, but he’d finish last in an APBA league. Even if he didn’t have to play...

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Just an update – MLB – ChiSox working on Ordonez deal They’re “optimistic” that they’ll reach a deal with Ordonez and therefore won’t trade him. Bad news, Andruwphobes.

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Throwing this out there (UPDATED)

The Red Sox, and their fans, seem to have turned on Nomar Garciaparra. Word is that he’s on the block, and that he might not even finish the upcoming series in a Red Sox uniform. Given that the Braves are looking to cut...

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