Month: April 1998

April 30, 1998

4/30/98: If you missed it, the Red Sox sent Steve Avery to AAA Pawtucket to make room for a young pitcher, Robinson Checo. Steve’s been really bad as a Sock, even worse than in his last Atlanta year. I was never as high on...

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April 27, 1998

4/27/98: I’ve been away a little while. Anyway, the weekend was basically a disaster for the Braves, as Millwood and Maddux got beaten up by the Rockies. Neagle didn’t look so hot on Friday, either, and he’s...

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April 23, 1998

4/23/98: A secondhand-type rumor I’ve heard has the Braves dealing Kevin Millwood to the Indians for David Justice. I doubt that there’s anything to it, but if there is, it’s an awful move. The Braves...

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April 21, 1998

4/21/98: Some people in The Media have been talking about Greg Maddux’s “poor” performance last night in Pitcher’s Hell — eight innings, five runs, four earned. That’s actually a good...

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April 20, 1998

4/20/98: Dennis Martinez got blasted yesterday. I’m not willing to totally write a pitcher off on the basis of a Coors Field appearance, but he hasn’t really pitched well except maybe in his first start. He looks...

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